I want a new haircut...

Hi all! =]

So I have 2C hair and have decided that I want to go short... as in REALLY short, like a pixie cut (if I'm able)! X]

I'm not really into styling my hair or playing with it, but I think that if I had it short that I'd probably be more willing to experiment and enjoy it! =]
Today I also asked for people's opinions about this on yahoo!answers, but I only just found this website so I thought maybe people here would have better advice... anyway, I go into detail on y!a about my lifestyle, etc, so here's the link so that I don't take up too much space here repeating all of the same old info, lol! =]
How should I cut my hair? - Yahoo!7 Answers

What do you guys think of these styles? Do you think they'd work?... I *REALLY HATE* my curly hair(! ) as I find it really hard to style and care for, considering that at most I only like to take 5-10 mins (15 at most!) doing my hair before I go out.

Please feel free to add any advice or suggestions as to how I can better maintain or style/cut my hair differently, without all of the extra effort! =]

P.S - I would also rather have the hairdresser have it styled/cut as straight as possible, but I have NO IDEA if this will work...?
I'm just growing my hair out of the pixie I've had since January 2011. Your hair type sounds like it will do well with that type of style. And the best news? All I ever did was wash mine at night, put a little styling product in and slept on wet hair to.wake up.with fantastic hair in the morning. Good luck.

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My mom's a 3a/3b and has had a pixie since...I don't know, the dawn of time? 40 years anyway. It looks fantastic every day, and she does nothing but condition the cr%p out of it.

That said...I find my hair's actually easier to deal with now that I'm wearing it wavy rather than trying to make it straight. Mine's chin-length. I guess maybe my standards aren't that high, but if it takes me more than two minutes to "do" my hair, it's a weird day.
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