Styling your hair after you shower

Right when I get out of the shower I don't know if my way of fixing hair is right. I hear that your not suppose to run your fingers in your hair after you take a shower. Yet, then I hear your suppose to or do u just start applying products straight from the shower by crunching? Also, do I t-shirt dry my hair after I apply products or before. Can some on tell me what they do. By the way I have 2c hair.
I honestly had to do All these steps you mentioned several different ways....again, and then a different ways again....and again! It had taken me many Months, to figure out what works for me...

My hair is 2b. My hair works best if i co-wash with Suave naturals coconut Conditioner, then i use devacurl one conditioner. Leave on for 5 mins, rinse out completely (works best for me, or it will weigh my hair down) while rinsing, scrunch hair while flipped over. Then in soaking wet hair apply, Shae Moisture curl and style milk, scrunch....scrunch!
Then apply Small amount of Shea Moisture souffle....plop for 5-6 mins...
Clip bags with metal clips. Diffuse till almost dry.
I also use Devacurl B'leave in as my product and Arc angel for my gel on the days i don't use Shea Moisture.
Its trial and error. Keep trying!
You'll figure what works for you...

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You can do it any way. Different things work for different people. I wash my conditioner out in the shower, then I work my leave in my hair by raking my hands through the hair while my head is flipped upside down. Then I scrunch with my hands. I scrunch with a t shirt, then I plop with a t shirt for like 2 minutes while I get dressed. Then I take my hair out of the plop, and scrunch in my mousse. With my hair right side up.
Fine Texture, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity. Dyed to brown a few months ago.
Trader Joe's TTT Shampoo
Rinse Out:
Yes to Carrots, AOHR, Aubrey Organics Rosemary Peppermint
LI: Yes to Carrots
Stylers: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, LA Looks Sports, Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Whipped Mousse
Wow thanks ill definitely try the leave in products I never use leave in products but will start. Also I will try devacurl products and I will try your guys methods thank you

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