2b/2c/3a New-ish to curls, advice?

Hello! I've been lurking for a while and thought I'd get the guts to actually get some advice on my evil hair!

My story is as follows...

In summer 2011 I went to a salon to get my dull, frizzy, dry hair cut and dyed. The hairdresser wasn't very pleasant, she didn't give me the cut, style or colour that I wanted and insulted my hair quite a bit (needless to say I won't be going there again!) but what I did gain from her insults was that I needed to stop destroying my hair with twice-daily washes, too many chemical dyes and my flat iron. All that stopped immediately, and the weirdest thing happened...my hair went curly. I didnt even know it was curly!

It was incredibly dry and damaged but the curls were amazing, especially with the help of some dry ends cream from Herbal Essences. I have been trying to grow my hair so I didn't cut it all off but I thought where the dye ended was a good place to be able to check on my progress. So it's been growing since and I've had good and bad hair days.

My problem is that I am insanely prone to frizz. I've given up the brush and bought a wide toothed comb, I wash my hair every 2-4 days depending how clean it feels, in the last 16 months I have used a hairdryer or straighteners on ONE occasion (except my fringe which I either blowdry or flat iron with every wash), I haven't dyed and all my hair products are specifically curly or moisturising products.

I use herbal essences 'it's a curl thing' shampoo and conditioner mostly, I do have a bit of an itchy scalp so I occasionally use some head and shoulders, and I clarify once a month with the pantene clarifying shampoo.

I don't really consider myself as hardcore-curly as some of the people here(!) hence the normal shampoo from the supermarket but I am getting very tired of the frizz and trying to make it look acceptable. I have an awful lot of people telling me I need to give my hair a good brush through...which I don't want!

The other really weird thing is that my hair was actually much curlier when it was damaged......!!! how is that possible!

Any tips out there for a poor frizz-head? The only thing I'm not willing to try is going without shampoo. I'm open to a lot of things but no shampoo is not for me!

I am happy to post photos if I can figure it out
You might want to go get yourself a copy of "The Curly Girl Handbook" and give the curly girl method a go. I used to have very frizzy hair. I now have very tame but still full hair along with super shiny, pretty curls. The best part is I have little to no frizz and attribute it all to giving up both sulfates and silicones. I don't know why silicones made my hair so frizzy. Might've been buildup and that my hair wasn't getting enough moisture inside the hair shaft.

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Oh, and for the record, almost forgot the most important part: you can do the curly girl method and still use shampoo, just make sure it's a natural one that doesn't have sulfates. Or if you must use a shampoo with sulfates, try not to use it more than once a week.
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I too found out at a hair appointment that the frizz I was complaining about was actually curl. I am new to this CG world but I am only a month in and I see a difference already. I look at pictures and I think sometimes my hair was curlier before too but it definitely feels better now. I am hoping with time my waves will become stronger but I am happy with my hair so far.

Good luck with all of this!
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