suggestions for high dews in hawaii

Long time wavy lurker-been CG since late summer 2012. Mostly 2b going gray-growing out highlights,fine to med texture and porous- hair dries quickly.I have recently been using L'Oreal evercurl,shampoo,cowash,condish and leavein in low dews in NJ. CK and CIAB also OK and sometimes FSG. I also have used VO5 clarifying cond.KCCC and KCNT and a lot of others. Regular PT with sally kpak or CJ repair me and DT with GFTN 3 minute.
Now will be vacationing in Hawaii for 3 weeks and the product junkie in me is starting to panic as to what is going to work to keep the frizz in control. Last time here I was not cg and had blown dry hair that was very fluffed. I cant pack my whole stash.
Any help welcomed for on the ground products--non CG will be OK too.
2a/b? fine high porosity, growing out highlights to transition to grey

CG 8/12

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Hawaii sounds perfect! I live in FL and it is definitely humid here. My favorite products right now are KCCC and this week I tried Loreal Everstyle Gel. This combo is light weight and frizz is under control.

I am far from an expert, but this is what works for me.

Enjoy Hawaii!
Fine texture
Low/ Med porosity
Med density

Styling:AVG, KCCC, Volumax MEGA (HG), Joico Curl Definer

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