Do you think my hair is 2b?

Do you think my hair looks more like 2b than 2a. This is after 3 month into CG. I read "hair types", but am still not sure of my hair type to be honest.

please help?
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Hmmmm it looks like it is going towards 2b. I'm not really sure either because your curls are huge They look like waves but they curl like curls... if that makes sense

Maybe someone else can give some input? I'd call it 2a/b, sometimes hair is just in between and you can't label it!
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You have beautiful thick hair. Looks like a pretty strong wave that's getting more pronounced with length. Its got a classic beachy wave going, thats for sure. It looks too strong to me for 2a. But I have a hard time with this curl type stuff and don't think it's very useful. There are so many different wave patterns. When you add in density, condition, length, humidity, etc. it just gets silly. My hair seems to have a range, depending on all those things and I've been convinced at various times that my hair is straight, slightly waving, very curly....I guess the truth is, it's any or all of these, depending on the conditions at the time. I use more of a sliding scale rather than an exact type. You are for sure a strong wavy in that photo so 2 b is probably the best description, IMO.
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I think so! I see some big curls forming at the bottom of your hair. It looks almost like it was done with a curling iron. That's how my daughter's wave is!

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2a-2bFii NP?

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I may be doing this wrong, but I thought when I checked mine on nc it goes by where the wave or loose curl starts. Mine starts at the root so I was 2c, yours starts at eye level so you are 2b, below that is 2a. I don't remember it being about how tight the wave is. I think that is more for the curlies.

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Thank you all very much for your responses. This is very helpful. I am still learning every day, trying various "techniques/products" getting to a routine that my hair likes. Some days my hair is happy, others it is not. Is it always this difficult? How long did it take you ladies to get to a comfortable routine? I am 3 months in, but i am not "there" yet.
2a/b, low porosity, medium density, coarse
I am 3 months in too! ! I am still not there, but I really wish I had taken pictures every month. I feel like its getting better but pictures would be nice to confirm. I also have quite a bit of damaged hair to grow out from straightening daily so I know for me it will be about a year before I can fully judge. I have been soooo tempted to give up, and once admit to using a curling iron, but am remaining committed to a year.

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2c, some straight pieces on canopy, curlier underneath. Fine, thin, unsure on porosity - sent in my sample and waiting to hear back. Products - have a bunch I am trying out, CJ, Deva, SM Yucca, TJ.
Wannabe - I know exactly what you meant wanting to give up on one of those bad hair days. I am taking pictures as i go so i remind myself how much improvement there has been. I have also done plenty of damage to my hair - "Japanese perm" every two years and flat iron religiously twice a week for so many year - so I am committed to give my hair some time too. I also just converted a friend of mine recently to CG - talking to her and seeing how her hair changes really also helps me remain committed. Good luck to you.
2a/b, low porosity, medium density, coarse

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