To chop or not to chop? That is the ?

I can't decide if I want to chop all my hair off or not! Right now it is pretty layered...shortest about at my chin, down to about 4" below my shoulders. It is VERY VERY my curls are pretty stringy. I don't have enough hair to do anything cute like braids or buns. Just a pony or sloppy chignon. But I really really really like to be able to just throw it up in a ponytail and be off. I have 2 toddler boys, so I rarely have time to do the whole process to get it curly AND dry AND sotc!

I don't want to have to use any kind of waxy products. I like my FSG or KCCC. I used to have it pixy short (back when I was trying to ignore that I had curly hair) and I just hated the feel of the sticky waxy.

I don't like any bangs on my face. They always get tuked behind my ears. Or anything on my neck. haha! I'm strange I guess! This is why my hair is either long so I can put it up, or really short.

I don't like to wear much make-up so sometimes I feel too tomboyish when I have short short hair.

Help me decide! Show me some pics of short hair that would work on my super fine hair....but not cut all the curls off.

Here is my current inspiration....except the bangs! My hair is similar color. I am trying to find a recent pic where I actually have it done. Do you think this would work? if I keep the bangs a litte longer and then can still clip them back or use a headband?

2b, super duper fine, low/normal porosity
OK, here are some pics: (it is a little longer than this now) Will that Jennifer Nettles cut even work on my face shape?

2b, super duper fine, low/normal porosity
Hey, Curls4Twi, I have had almost this same haircut for a while now. I really like it, it's very easy to deal with and forgiving when I, um, just don't care in the morning.

Here's my caution: if you have straighter sections, pay attention to where they are, because when you cut wavy hair shorter, sometimes it doesn't really show the wave.

As a for-instance, I have a straighter section above each ear, and when it's at the wrong length, it makes a weird single "c" shape back there that doesn't blend at all with the rest of the hair, which is mostly two "s"es long. But if you know where those things are for you, you can help your hair person compensate. I just ask them to shorten it around the ears.

So...I say go for it! And post pics.
2a/2b, fine and thin
new wavy!

currently using:
cleansing: BS/ACV rinse weekly
PT: Gelatin PT
Conditioner: Desert Essences fragrance-free
Styling: LOTD Aloe

I'm exactly the same as you! (Even with the no make up!). I've booked big chop for Friday! - I'm fed up of stringy, flat curls/waves and all I seem to do is tie it up. It was actually easier when it was shorter - all I had to do was add product and leave to dry. Im asking for a long bob with lots of layers so I'll be able to put it up when feeling lazy...

My advice would be have a chop but maybe not as short as your thinking - if you like it have a bit more off, if not it won't take as long to grow back!

I don't have picks of long hair as I don't like it and have sadly accepted that I will never have 'mermaid' hair lol, but have put some of my hair inspiration for my chop below...

Good luck!

To chop or not to chop? That is the ?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1364420213.356848.jpgTo chop or not to chop? That is the ?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1364420222.548669.jpgTo chop or not to chop? That is the ?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1364420241.340846.jpg

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