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KrisHousley13 03-25-2013 06:31 PM

2b/2c ladies- what's your personal curly girl method?
What's your routine?
Favorite products?
Styling tips?
How do you refresh your hair?

I'd love to hear from you!

Jayxx 03-25-2013 08:38 PM

Hey! I'm a 2bb/c as well. I just recently started the CG method and had problems with frizz. I recently bought SheaMoisture products, specifically the Curl & Style Milk and the Curling Souffle and they have worked wonderssss. My waves/curls look 10,000 times better and I was very doubtful because it's been a very long time since my curls have had any definition.

What I do is: Co-wash and Condition with v05 Sun Kissed Rasberry, then I apply the SheaMoisture Curl & Style Milk as a leave in, the the Curling Gel Souffle, scrunch, and I leave it alone. (Although, I tried plopping once right after, and it defined my curls nicely)

To refresh my hair, I take sections, spray my hair with water, and apply some more Curl & Style Milk. My hair feels soft. This takes away the crunchiness that the Curling Gel souffle leaves when it dries. OMG, and as a bonus the stuff smells soooo good. Like Pina Colada :D

KrisHousley13 03-26-2013 09:03 AM

Thanks for sharing!:thumbright:

shalomcurls 03-27-2013 02:30 AM

I'm a bit of a newbie as well, but I thought I'd share anyways :) I'm a 2c with an underlayer of 2b. If I plop overnight I get 3a curls though :hello1: Sometimes plopping overnight gives me wacky curls pointing every which way, but other times it produces the BEST results!! My hair is pretty long though, so I'm not sure how it works for others with shorter hair. My other hair attributes are below in my signature in case you want to know.

For me, the devacurl products work REALLY well, especially the Arcangel. So far, I haven't had any luck when trying other gels, like KCCC, and Eco Styler. Although the curl formation is great, they don't give me enough hold. About an hour after my hair is dry, it becomes frizzy and my hairs "separate" from each other becoming more "airy" if you know what I mean. Am I just not putting in enough gel? They are so thick that I feel like I can't put in as much as I would the Arcangel. Maybe I'll work up the nerve in a couple of days and risk a super hard, crunchy disaster.

I also ADORE Shea Moisture!! I got the SM Smoothie about a week ago, and my hair is in love :love5: It gives my curls more definition and makes my hair incredibly soft!!!! The first time I tried it I thought, "My hair feels like straight people's hair!" I'm both dense and course, so pre CG it would always feel wiry like the bristles of a thick paintbrush. Not anymore, thanks to SM! Jayxx, is the Soufle a gel? Is it a strong enough hold for you?

For second day hair, I dampen it with a spray bottle of water, and then put a little SM Smoothie on it, sometimes diluted with water so it isn't as thick. It works really well for my second/third/fourth day hair! They perk back up and regain their softness and shine.

I don't use microfiber towels b/c even those make my hair frizz, I only use cotton t-shirts now. I also found that "sealing" my hair by finishing off with a very cold rinse in the shower prevents frizz for me. I've learned to put my products in when my hair is still dripping wet which has helped a great deal too!

The method one user created called the "Spritz and Condish" is great for moisturizing my hair. It's generally good for those with high porosity, since the hair soaks up too much water and not enough condish in the shower. Here's the link:

I hope others join this thread too, cause I'd love to hear what other 2c's do for their routines!! Thanks KrisHousley13 for starting it! :)

Jayxx 03-27-2013 07:55 PM

The souffle is indeed a gel. It held for about 4-5 days! But, I gotta say it did leave my hair just a tad crunchy the first day. The rest of the days I just spritzed, and used a little of the shea moisture curl milk and was set. BUT! today, I tried the icequeen method. I don't know if you've heard of it, but what I did was co-washed as usual, then applied my conditioner, flipped my hair upside down, scrunched a lot, kept my hair upside down while rinsing, applying my leave in, then the souffle, then plopped immediately for 20 minutes. The results were fab! For some reason my waves ended up super defined, SOFT and just lovely. I don't know how well it's going to hold for the next few days though. I'm dying to try the shea moisture smoothie and the DevaCurl products.

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