Cutting it short

Okay, so my hair is BARELY wavy it's like a font size: 3458093 S.

I'm thinking of cutting my hair short into a layered short bob probably around an inch or half an inch below my chin.

last time when my hair was short, my head shape evolved into a triangle!
It wasn't on layers.

now my hair is on long layers, it looks fine.

the people who cuts my hair keeps on suggesting to make my hair short - but I'd have to loose my barely-there waves from thinning shears (oh nooo!!!!). I don't want that

So should cut my hair or not? (but absolutely no to thinning shears.)
and it seems that my waves become looser the longer it gets and im scared that it would go straight!

I tried to make a picture that would prove that the longer my hair gets, the looser the waves get.
Going through the pictures only proves how bi-polar my hair is.
I know my hair is horrible at all pictures, I'm still experimenting on with products and all products im currently using are all-natural! hehe.
First off, your hair looks beautiful in those pics! It looks so soft and healthy!

I am currently growing out a chin-length bob. In the past five years or so, I have twice chopped off 8+ inches to go chin-length. It can be really fun and exciting! I think it could look really cute on you. It is possible that your hair will lose some of its wave if you cut it short (mine definitely does). But that doesn't mean your hair can't have life to it-- maybe think about some layering, or angling (mine was longer in the front, shorter in the back).

Like you said, say no to thinning shears!! My stylist used the thinning shears on my last bob, and ugh was it horrible. She used them to cut random hairs to about an inch *above* my ears. Those poor hairs didn't know what to do, and wouldn't form any waves with the other hair. It looked great if I straightened every day, but it was a pain.
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I think you would look great with a shorter 'do!

The only thing I would say to look out for is that, depending on where your hair "bends", it might be worth considering an asymmetrical or slightly shorter or longer cut if your waves are asymmetrical around your face. I say that because when mine was chin length in a bob, even a layered bob, the left side would flip up and the right side under. It looked a little funny sometimes!
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Maybe don't do drastic, if you aren't sure, but want to go shorter. Lopping off 2 inches is a big difference from lopping off 4 and doesn't take nearly as long to grow back if you don't like it. It's very beautiful hair.

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