Help with hair type and underneath crazy curls!

Hi! I need some help. I don't know what my hair type is. It's wavy on top with some tight spirals underneath that FRIZZ out near the bottom...the front part of my hair (around my face) is also frizzier and less curly...probably from touching it, pulling it back, as heat styling, which I'm trying to go cold turkey on.

The tight curls and their frizzy ness underneath is the most frustrating. Even though it's the underneath part of my hair, you can see it in the front and it looks awful and frizzy. I can't handle them--they're totally different from the rest of my hair! Ha.

This picture isn't great, but it's the underneath of my hair. I can't figure out how to post more than one picture in a single post, so I'll post again with pictures of the rest of my hair.

Please help me!
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...and the back: (after it die in a low, loose ponytail, so it would normally be fluffier and a bit curlier.) Sorry I can't figure out how to put multiple pics in one post!
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Help with hair type and underneath crazy curls!-image.jpg  
We have similar hair. My underneath is alot curlier, and the back of the crown has a stronger curl pattern from the root than the rest of my hair.
My outer layer is looser wave and tenancy to frizz. Really think I need a trim.
I've been using the suave coconut co-wash for about two weeks. With a an occasional coconut oil pre wash soaking my hair with the oil and letting it sit for an hour at least before hopping in the shower. Then scrunch In a dollop of my conditioner before I get out of the shower. And no brushing.
I've also switched out my towels for cotton tshirts for light scrunching and wrapping up for 20/30 mins ( I shower at night) I don't use any gels or anything
Sorry this turned into a way longer response! But I have noticed a huge difference in the underneath frizz!!! It's smooth and heathy like I have never ever seen it!
I have exactly the same problem. We have similar hair. On really good days I can get my hair more evenly curly, but I'm mostly just wavy. Although, since going cg a few months ago my hair is very versatile. I can wear it 2b/c wavy/ curly some days when I use gel and mousse or if I just scrunch in some mousse I'll have nice 2a/b waves. So I think the mix is a blessing in disguise. You just have to find your right routine and products.
It may help to read others posts and find someone with very similar hair and hair properties so you can ask for routine advice.

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Mostly 2B with 2C elements and quite a few random 3A corkscrews in my underneath layer. Re-tested my hair porosity and it is now low. I have fairly dense, medium thick hair.

Use: Shea Moisture Raw shampoo and conditioner, co-wash w/ suave naturals coconut, aussie ausome volume mousse and Herbal essence totally twisted gel.

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