My hair is getting worse instead of better. ACK!

I posted in the what did you do today but i think this really should be a separate thread instead of inadvertently hijacking that one.


I'm having a bad hair spell and it's getting to me!

Today I used all Deva products except to style I used CK and ReCoil with Deva UDG. I put them on in the shower soaking wet.
Then I plopped for 15-20 minutes and finished by diffusing for a short time.
My hair is almost dry now but I think it's going to look awful. Not awesome!

Lately I have been putting my products in after taking out the water and not plopping.
I usually clip it till it's dry.
I've had 2 curly haircuts and they still haven't made up for a really bad DIY haircut I gave myself in December. I actually think it looked better then.

Anyway, I don't think the variation in my routine is working for me.
The last few days have been really spectactularly bad. I even took an extra shower Sunday to redo an awful do. That was with GF styling products and cowash. I don't have too many OTC things right now as I mail ordered a whole bunch of Deva products for Xmas presents to myself.

I have a real frizzy thing going on today and I don't like it.
I will see what happens when I SOTC but I'm not real hopeful.

Today even my nape is soft and shapeless.
Could I be over conditioned? I did a PT yesterday.
So far, not so good. My inverted bob looked Better curly than the curly cut so far.
I know remedial cuts aren't great but this is the pits.

I'll try to get pics and I might even do the shower again.
But I'd like to know first if the wet gelling and plopping are better or worse.
Ive been CG since November. 5.5 months and counting.

I'm a 2a 2b 2c and med/ med/ medium FIA.
Any thoughts are welcomed.
Mostly I used the same products I always do but I changed up my routine for a "better" one.

Okay, after it dried so awful I went back and spritzed with MistEr Right and then i scrunched in some Deva Spray Gel and scrunched a whole lot and it looks better now.
Still, i cant wait till tomorrow to wash it out and try again.
Maybe I'll try some Arc AnGel instead. I read some reviews and I suppose I ought to give it a try

It's frustrating, though, because it is so hit or miss with my curls.
When I had a straight bob and blew it dry it was good over 95% of the time.
Now I just feel self conscious so often I wish I could go back.
But I won't.
I am CG for good and I even gave away my straight and coney products.

I just need to get a routine that will give me hair I expect without the 50% + failure rate.

Last edited by Pookarina; 04-09-2013 at 03:37 PM. Reason: spritzed and scrunched again

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