Puffy waves? what could it be?

My hair usually looks really great when i SOTC, but shortly after or throughout the day it starts to get puffy, but not frizzy. Right now I'm using KCC come clean, tresseme naturals conditioner for a leave in and LA sports gel along with garnier pure clean and a touch of RE:coil. i get great curl definition, but it just gets poofy later in the day? I usually have always had this problem since going CG over as year ago. Am i not using strong enough products? My hair can tolerate some protein, but too much or it freaks out!.so please any advice would be helpful! Thanks!
I had the same things going on about a half year ago.
For me the problem was a combination between over-proteined hair and the RE:coil. I stopped using the Re:Coil, did for at least a month two times a week a DT and my waves perked up again. So maby what your hair needs is a Deep Treatment, maby cut out the protein and a good hold gel

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