troubles (breakout) with perhaps KCCC, experiences?

Hi there

Since a couple of months I've been using Kinky Curling custard. I love the smell and when I first tried it it gave me such beautiful waves! (I am a 2B/2C and some 2A type ). It also gave me such soft hair, I thought I finally found my HG product

However, since a couple of weeks I've been noticing scalp problems (really flake scalp, break-out on my face (front)) so at first I thought it might be a buildup. Did some deep cleansing, did a deep treatment and my hair was really curly and soft. But after a day it started again, really itchy scalp, dry hair and almost straight hair.

I went to the salon for a "curlsys haircut" (it's sort of a devacut here in the netherlands) and my hair looked gorgeous and really curly (while the stylist put tons of cones in my hair ). I did a sulfate wash, put my own products in and after a few days later my hair looked dull again and my scalp breaking out again. It's also very dry eventhough yesterday evening a did an DT with a sort of hairsteamer.

Could it be the KCCC? since I used it my hair seems to be slowly getting dry, brittle ,(when I wash my hair I have tons of hair that seem to fall out) Ithcy scalp ( or buildup?), dull non-shining hair and really bad breakouts in my face while I never had them before! . I'm very very protein sensitive, and I noticed that the KCCC contains aloe vera juice. I also try switching leave-in conditioners, styling products (gel) but the problem seems to stay. Does anyone of you had the same issue with the KCCC?

I have lowporeus hair, high density and medium/fine width

Thanks, I hope anyone here can give some advice or tell me their experience with perhaps a KCCC allergy!
Personally I am fine with KCCC but I have issues with a lot of hair products -- anything with silicones, the Jessicurl line (except shampoo, which is fine), Living Proof, etc. Those all give me breakouts along my hairline so I understand your problem!

The best thing seems to be to stop it for a few weeks to see if the problems go away. It's frustrating to have this problem but the good part is that there are a lot of products out there if one in particular doesn't work.

I'm not sure an expert but leave in + kccc might be a lot so I would try skipping one to see if that helps with the dullness too.
I used KCCC for a couple months and loved it, but then all the sudden it made my scalp start itching & started feeling gross on my hair. I don't break out, but that's just because very little makes me break out. Every once in a while I try it again and my scalp itches like crazy. It could definitely be the KCCC.
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