I don't understand what I'm doing wrong...

I'm new to wavy hair. I thought my hair was straight pretty much my whole life and then I noticed little waves here and there. I did some research and went CG and suddenly it was getting wavier.

I decided to go to a curly hair salon for some tips and a cut, and a stylist did my hair (twice in one week because I had a free 2nd visit for a 'refresher course'). It was curlier than ever and looked fantastic both times she did my hair. She walked me through each step (the Devacurl 3 step process, I believe it's called). She even had me do my own hair on the 2nd visit, and it turned out better the second time!

After that visit, I had three days of great looking hair. I hardly had to do anything to it in the morning...it was great.

Now, ever since I've been home, I haven't been able to have the same success, and I don't know what the problem is. I've been doing the exact same thing (even with the duck bill clips at the roots) that she did in the salon and my hair isn't turning out the same way. It's incredibly frustrating.

I've been trying different things:

Plopping somehow took the gel out of my hair and while my hair was definitely curlier and bouncier, 2nd day hair was horrible and flat.

Diffusing upside-down (pixie method or just straight diffusing) made my hair slightly frizzy.

In the salon, she used a hood dryer and a diffuser for the ends. That is the ONLY difference between what I'm trying and what she did at the salon.

Do you think that's the problem with my hair? I would say I'm about a 2b. It's difficult to type my hair's properties because it was bleached last year, and I think that affected its porosity. But it's definitely thick hair.

Help?? I don't know what to do!

I'm using the DevaCurl no-poo, condition, and ultra gel.

Edit: Is it possible that I might get better results if I rake the gel through my hair?

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I also have very thick hair (the strands themselves are fine, but I have a ton of hair). I can't get good product distribution without at least some raking (I generally rake product into my hair and then scrunch to encourage the curl). And make sure you use enough gel. There was a thread recently on another hair group that I follow and the consensus was that people were getting better results when they used more gel (I know the video that comes with the Curly Girl book show the model using an obscene amount of gel, but it works). .

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Okay, I just tried raking the gel through while my head was upside down (with wide fingers), scrunching it a few times, then lifting my head upright, shaking it to fall naturally, putting some more gel on my hands, and gently scrunching again.

I let it air-dry and didn't touch it after I put the clips in.

WOW what a difference! This looks WAY better, and pretty close to how my hair looked after visiting the salon.

We'll see how my 2nd day hair looks, but for now I'm pretty happy.


One more question, though...does anybody else with wavy hair have those annoying random 'strings' of hair that either less wavy, or almost completely straight?

There are a few in the second picture below and I don't understand why my hair is like that. Is there anything I can do to fix that? I've tried re-wetting the strands and twisting them, but that doesn't work.

It makes my hair look messy and stringy, and it's driving me crazy.

I get those... they drive me nuts. I usually rewet the offending section, coat it with gel, wrap it around a finger, then diffuse my finger for a couple of minutes. So basically, my finger and the diffuser become a curling iron of sorts. Most of us have more than one wave/curl pattern on our head.
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Your hair story sounds similar to mine. I had straight hair until a year ago when I (my stylist) discovered my curls. I haven't straightened my hair since.
My underlayer is almost completely straight and I definitely have random straight pieces.
I have had good luck with the "super soaker method". I rake/ comb product through soaking wet hair and then do a quick rinse with ice cold water. Seems to dilute and distribute everything nicely.
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Hi everyone! Thanks for the tips!

Little update: raking the gel through worked wonders for my hair. 2nd day hair was as amazing as the 1st day. Today is the 3rd day, and while it's lost a lot of volume, it's still passing as pretty decent.

I think I might try adding more gel next time to see if I get even better results.

I haven't tried adding gel and diffusing the less wavy pieces, but I'm definitely going to try it tomorrow. Thanks!
I usually try to hide the straight pieces by arranging them to sit underneath better, curlier pieces.

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same for both -- whatever I have in the shower at the time (I experiment a lot)
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