What is your haircut? Share how's your 2 hair.

Hi 2's!
So I'm wondering what's the haircut most of us have. Because to us wavy/curly people, haircut does matter to suit us! Share what's your haircut & you can also take a picture if you want
Ya hair cut is oh so important. For my latest haircut (hip length hair) I asked for long seamless layers. So its layered in a way that it blends really well into the rest of my hair. I use to have long chunky layers that tapered to the ends and it just ended up making my hair look really messy when the curls dropped out as the day wore on.
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Mine is not great, I am growing out the fringe (bangs) and have trimmed the length at the back myself! It's mostly one length with the front several inches shorter and the sides slightly shaped into that. I like a blunt hemline, my underlayer at the back is almost straight, my fringe and sides are pretty curly so they look way shorter at present.
I got a hair cut not too long ago and I don't really know what I have lol. I guess it's like long layers and I'm growing out side bangs
What is your haircut? Share how's your 2 hair.-imageuploadedbycurltalk1367500275.394031.jpg
That was my best hair day ever, it looks nothing like that now unfortunately (as far as definition and curls go)
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Layers. Lots of layers. And if I was skeptical of the idea of a dry haircut before, consider me fully converted. I posted a similarWhat is your haircut? Share how's your 2 hair.-imageuploadedbycurltalk1367502878.063564.jpg pic stitch image in a separate thread, but it really shows the difference that a haircut can make. In January, I donated my hair to Locks of Love, so the top two pics are my before and after pics. The thing to note is that this haircut was done by a stylist that I've known for years, and who is very good, but it was done in the traditional wet hair cut method. It was a good cut, but you can see in the after pic that I got some triangle stuff going on once I styled it myself. The bottom two pics are from last week. I went to a Deva trained stylist and got a dry Devacut. The length is about the same as the January cut, but my curls fall much better now. I'm sure the photos don't show how big of a difference it is, but trust me, I see it, and people around me saw it also. I still have lots of volume, but without the major triangle hair look.

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On wondering my layers are too "unseamless". I don't feel like I have while layers that are shelf but some side pieces. I don't care for them.
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medium/long length with face framing layers and long layers throughout. I do my dry cut myself... i've never actually have another person cut my hair since i was a kid.
I generally have gotten "long layers" haircuts for a long time, which have worked well. I'm interested in the "seamless long layers."

Then I moved to Asia and got 2 terrible haircuts.

1. A fancy stylist tried to give me a "U" shape in the back as opposed to a more straight shape. As it grew out, it gave me scraggly ends... as I think the bottom was thinned out too much.

2. Another stylist saw this, and tried to "fix" it months later by debulking my hair more on top... presumably to make it even to how thinned out it was on the bottom. BIG MISTAKE. He used thinning shears and cut it like straight hair. I had/have so much frizz from this haircut and lost wave/curl on the bottom. The short pieces that were thinned sprung up (duh, wavy hair) and though he cut them at a more or less acceptable length wet, they were at my eye level... EYE LEVEL when dry. It's like I had a wavy 80's mullet or something. ::shivers:: It's taking forever to grow out.

So I guess my post is not... hey gals do what I do, but AVOID what I have haha. I need a haircut desperately but I'm holding out till I visit my parents in the Tampa area and go to Live Curly Live Free and get a proper cut.

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