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Crim 05-23-2013 12:22 PM

Hello! General Questions
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I'm a guy who's growing out his hair and living in China. Now onto the questions!

1) Any specific and easy to find shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioners you can recommend? I'm unable to translate the labels on my own and asking anyone to help me is out of the question. I see a lot of Herbal Essence, Pantene, Dove, some Suave, Loreal, and maybe a few other bigger named products in stores so finding something from these lines might be easier to do online (and cheaper) than others.

However, if I had a choice, in general I love coffee/chocolate things and if there's anything along those lines worth looking for I'd be happy to give it a try.

2) Since I sweat a lot, especially when exercising and such, what's the best way to manage frizz and such while keeping my eyes from stinging? A sweat band? Normally whatever I put in my hair ends up in my eyes as soon as I walk out the door.

3) I started growing my hair out a year ago and I'm a little confused about it's type. I part my hair to my right, and my left side seems rather flat (where as the right side will be wavy and even curly). My hair is generally a little wavy but then right at the bottom makes large curls (once it hits my shoulders and dries). That's why I'm wondering if my hair would look curlier if I shaped it. Not sure how to, guess I gotta find a video.

Here is a picture. Can you let me know what you think? And for the sake of opinion, what type would you classify me as?

Firefox7275 05-23-2013 04:08 PM

Welcome. Products don't necessarily have the same formulation from country to country unfortunately, you may need to order products overseas or find someone to translate/ use an online translation tool of some kind. I believe both the Naturally Curly Curl Mart and British Curlies Curly Emporium will deliver overseas, or you might be able to use Amazon or eBay if you don't have friends/ relatives who can mail you products. There is a useful review section on NC as well as the two stores I named.
Product Search Results

The appearance of your curl pattern depends on your products and routine including the fact you parted the hair so combed at least part of it. My opinion on how to properly type your hair
It's more important to know your hair properties than curl pattern. Your hair might look curlier if you followed the Curly Girl method if you do not already, loads of information on this in the stickies on the newbies board and General Discussion board.

Hairbands made of sweat wicking fabric (often microfibre) are better than terry towel ones IME.

PomegranateCurl 05-23-2013 04:18 PM

Damn, your hair is awesome!

Crim 05-24-2013 02:41 AM


Thanks. Read through that topic and I also agree that standardizing the way people do things before they check their type is the most logical way. I'll give the links you provided a look through as well. I don't doubt for a second that the formulations will have changed but from time to time there are people who sell imported products and generally it's better to have somewhere to start from. I really don't trust most of the stuff here and people annoyingly try and persuade you to buy stuff that looks really cheap.

For what it's worth, that picture was the day after a normal shampoo and conditioner with a long rinse. I also let it dry on it's own. I don't have much of a routine because I don't have access to products I'd use here.

When you say properties do you mean porosity and such? My hair didn't sink until I pushed it down to the bottom 5+ minutes after and it feels sleek.

I assume I have medium to coarse hair after holding it to the light and being able to see it easily.

Density is something that's hard to really "eye". I'll just assume medium at best because people with darker hair tend to have less hairs from what I've read (with blondes usually having the highest density).


Thanks, I think you're like the first person who's said that since I've started growing my hair out... haha.

jakrussel3 05-24-2013 06:50 PM

I know L'Oreal has some sulfate free shampoos. The evercurl forumla is sulfate free, but I think it has some cones. However the shampoo should be sufficient to avoid cone buildup. That formula also has a cleansing conditioner that appears to be cone free for the US version (blue bottle with a pump on top) if you prefer that over using a low poo and separate rinse out conditioner. I know the Suave Naturals conditioners are usually cone free, so you could use that for your rinse out and even a little bit for leave in since it's so light.

asianrunner 05-25-2013 12:38 PM

I'm terrible at hair typing. But you do seem to have a strong wave/curl pattern!

Where are you wanting to purchase products online? What kind of price point are you wanting?

As for working out, are you opposed to putting your hair in a ponytail? That would help a lot. Also, if you're outside, a visor or hat would help!

Crim 05-30-2013 01:15 AM

I'm trying to use a local website just because it will be easier on my wallet and I can avoid things going through customs and such.

My hair is not long enough in the front to make a loose ponytail and even with a tight one (which isn't comfortable) hair manages to come loose because it's not actually under the tie. Speaking of which, what exactly is pony tail damage? I can't really walk around with a scrunchy... but eventually I will need to start wearing a pony tail for work.

I don't really understand some things regarding conditioners. Why are some people using a co-wash conditioner, then another conditioner, a deep conditioner, and then a leave in conditioner?

I think I'm going to need to be doing home made things. Been trying to translate the ingredients on my own and it's not really possible for me. I checked the recipe section but none of them have any reviews. Should I just try them? For instance, would baking soda and water really be enough as a "shampoo"?

Firefox7275 06-01-2013 11:20 AM

What about a slim hard metal or plastic hairband or elasticated one to help your hair remain neat for work? David Beckham managed to pull it off, you could have them in the same colour as your hair so they blend in.
Wavy Black Steel Headband Sports Football MENS Lady Hairband Zigzag Alice | eBay

Any tight elastic can damage the hair under it if worn day after day, it rubs on the cuticle chipping it off leaving the cortex exposed. Scrunchies might look a little unusual on a male, I use terry towel bands/ ponios which are very soft but not the smartest unless you match your hair colour and they are mostly hidden in your waves.
12 Soft Endless Fabric Hair Elastics Bobbles Ponios Various Sizes & Colours | eBay

Baking soda is horrible for skin and hair, it's alkaline (pH 7++), whereas skin likes pH ~5.5 and hair ~4.5.

Crim 06-07-2013 01:00 AM

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I did some searching this week at my local shops and didn't find anything like a ponio. I'll probably try and find something online but what about elastic silk bands? Since it's silk I imagine it'd be easier on the hair but because it's elastic I wonder if it would make the silk rougher and if it wouldn't really change anything.

As for the hairband, I wear one at home but it's not really an option I'd be comfortable with at work just yet. I find it hard to feel comfortable with a pony tail even though it's still kind of doable. As an ESL teacher I work with a lot of children as well as co-workers who are just rude and inconsiderate, I get so many "cut your hair" or "you look like a girl" comments. Just yesterday I was doing a demonstration class outside and a parent who's child was my student when I had short hair said somethings about my hair to my co-worker. I understood she at least said I looked more handsome with short hair and she might have said more but then my co-worker immediately started saying she hates me hair and thinks I should cut it.

Firefox, since you use Inecto, do you think it would also work well if I used it as a leave in? Have you tried the shampoo/would you recommend it? Any advice for DIY leave ins?

I tried using an extra bit of mousse the other day and this was the result. Just a normal conditioner/shampoo and I tried to plop and scrunch though I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right haha. This was after being in the sun for a few hours which may be why my scalp is red but am I skipping a step? My hair wasn't fully dry but the hair pulled together and you could easily see my scalp in many places. I tried rubbing the root area a little to break up mousse and the result was a lot of flakes. Not sure how to control the flakes on my scalp. It might have been from the mousse because generally I don't see flakes in my hair but I do know my scalp seems to produce flakes. Anyway it look a lot better after switching shirts a few times and getting home.

1 and 2 are to give you an idea of how easy it was to see my scalp. 3 is after I tried breaking up the hair a bit. 4 is later that evening after sweating/changing shirts/etc.

Crim 03-22-2014 01:20 PM

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It's almost been a year!

Since the last post I've been using mostly Inecto shampoo/condish and a homemade leave in. A few months ago I went back to the US and was able to get some Kinky Curly shampoo/leave in.

I don't generally have any issues with flakes, not like that one time. I think it was a combo of bad gel, leave in, and shampoo. I also use less shampoo now. Though literally every time I have a chance to check other people's hair, I do, and it's flaky. The environment+shampoo used here must be a big issue.

I have a tangle teezer but find that I like using my fingers more. I can finally french braid my own hair without much problem and in less than 15 minutes....though I'm sure it looks messy. I switch my hair from different parts, to half ups, a braid, and such.

I'm using a hair bungee exclusively now. So much easier to deal with than normal ties. I've tried ouchless fabrics and I thought they were bomb until I found silicone ties. THought they were cool until they started getting stuck, but also found I then hated fabric ones because I had to make them tighter to keep hair from slipping. Silk scarfs also let too much hair slip. So far I really like this silicone hair bungee though. It works well and I hope it's not causing any damage. Next I'm going to try and get a flexi-8, and learn how to use that as well as hair sticks and buns and such. Am I weird?

I do have two new questions. I think it was about a year into growing my hair that I had my hair flat ironed at a hair salon. They used something like a leave in or protectant but I'm not sure. Anyway, what are the chances of this one time ruining the texture of my hair? I ask because my hair seems especially curly in the back and on the sides, but the longest parts are wavy. Or is this because my hair is weighted down and has nothing to fall upon where as the hair on my shoulders/back has something to rest and curl on?

Second is, any good links on how to wrap hair in silk before bed? I seem to have a hard time finding a good one. The only I was able to follow well causes the scarf to slip over my eyes or off my head while I sleep. I fidget a lot when I sleep and so I kind of worry if I'm going to be causing more harm than good by taking it off while I sleep...

1st picture is recent. 2nd picture is a few months old, as is the 3rd.

Firefox7275 03-22-2014 02:30 PM

Silicone hair elastics damaged my hair when worn regularly, the non-slip properties meant they dragged over the protective cuticle. However I wouldn't have thought that would be so much of an issue in a bungee, especially if switched up with other hair secures.

I don't think you are 'weird' to use hair sticks or Flexi-8s. There is a long haired male who is admin on the Facebook Long Hair Community Meeting Place who wears hair accessories such as bows that some might think of as 'feminine', and plenty of ladies using more 'masculine' hair sticks that resemble weaponry. And why not if you like them and they feel comfortable?

chupie 03-22-2014 06:02 PM

Your hair looks so much healthier! As to buns we all saw the man bun appearance at the oscars and everyone was swooning over them. Go for it.

Crim 03-22-2014 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by Firefox7275 (Post 2260650)
...However I wouldn't have thought that would be so much of an issue in a bungee, especially if switched up with other hair secures.

I don't think you are 'weird' to use hair sticks or Flexi-8s. There is a long haired male who is admin on the Facebook Long Hair Community Meeting Place...

Sorry! I meant silicone elastics were a bad experience. The silicone hair bungee I have is great, better than the fabric ones I've used because the hook is different. I can wrap the silicone one very loose; fabric one needs to be wrapped more.

Yes, I learned about the flexi-8 because of a post regarding that person! I think it's a little weird but not in a bad way. I'll probably have to get used to seeing myself with things in my hair.


Your hair looks so much healthier! As to buns we all saw the man bun appearance at the oscars and everyone was swooning over them. Go for it.
Thanks, but I hope that doesn't mean my hair looked unhealthy before :sad10: That one set of pictures was really just a one time thing; too product. I'll have to check that man bun thing with the Oscars. I don't generally keep up with that stuff!

Firefox7275 03-23-2014 08:29 AM

Weird = eccentric/ unusual/ interesting/ experimental.

I have bright pink-red hair which I am growing to waist length. Am in my early forties, a time when society/ the media tells me I am supposed to age gracefully, cut to shoulder and subtly tint my greys. Nah!

Blueblood 03-23-2014 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by Firefox7275 (Post 2260777)
Weird = eccentric/ unusual/ interesting/ experimental.

I have bright pink-red hair which I am growing to waist length. Am in my early forties, a time when society/ the media tells me I am supposed to age gracefully, cut to shoulder and subtly tint my greys. Nah!

You have to wait until your 60 until your middle aged now.

chupie 03-23-2014 03:18 PM

Firefox7275 03-23-2014 03:42 PM

Try telling that to the people who pressurise ladies younger than 60 to CUT: too many stories on long hair forums. *smh*

I had some 'charmer' make a series of comments on my hair colour/ roots/ greys/ weight just last week .... My guy gave him a crack for that tho.

Crim 04-05-2015 06:30 AM

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It's been about a year again. Still growing my hair and haven't had even a trim yet. In the last year there have been some changes too. I started dressing nicer (most of the time) to compensate for my long hair. Short hair with a t-shirt and shorts looks a lot better than long hair in the same clothes.

I'm still loving my silicone hair bungee. Very versatile and dare I say, everyone should have at least one in their bag.

I also like those spin pins. Started doing buns shortly after my last post and was nervous at first but have come to really like wearing them (except when I need to sit on a long distance bus/train).

My hair also seems easier to manage now. When it was shorter it'd tangle more and be harder to detangle. Now showers are less of a chore.

I've aquired a little more confidence with my hair; braids, french braids, half ups, buns, cornrows. I did pigtails once but don't have the confidence to do it again. I used to like wearing a bandana from time to time so I tried wearing one as a headband the other day and braided the ends of it into my hair. That was interesting, heh.

Still need to figure out how to use hair sticks though. I always seem to prefer the spin pins to them but I have a few I wanna use.

Here's a picture of my current progress right after a shower. It's wavy to about my shoulder and then the curls kick in. People always ask if I do my hair. I've had a few guys comment on how nice my hair was before seeing my face, heh.

chupie 04-05-2015 09:37 AM

Wow! Loooong!!!

Crim 04-06-2015 05:57 AM

Thanks! I'm not sure about something. Everyone around me has very straight hair (I live in China).

Sometimes I do a hairstyle and see someone else wearing something similar and it looks like they have so much more hair. Is it possible that it's partially an illusion? Like if I have a pony tail or my hair down, it looks like I have a lot more hair than they do. Today I picked up my hair from about the top of my ear all the way across the back of my head and put it in a bun, and let the rest stay down. My co-worker has almost the same thing but instead of a bun she's wearing a french braid. Not counting the frizziness of my hair, it looks like I have so much less but wonder if it's because in this case her hair is spread out and looks like more, where mine is kind of twisted and curled together.

Perhaps guys might just have less hair than women in general too? Maybe Vikings is manipulating my perception, I think a lot of those guys are wearing wigs which is why their hair looks epic (very dense).

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