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mgeeoh 05-25-2013 01:35 AM


Firefox7275 05-25-2013 05:53 AM

Many wavies and long hair straighties conditioner-only wash and are sulphate and silicone free successfully. CG is largely about healthy hydrated hair, that has the potential to work for almost any hair type. CO-washing may not work for those with a scalp problem or those who have very fine thin hair who benefit from the 'pouf' that shampoo can give.

Wavies generally don't know their true curl pattern whilst using commercial products and standard techniques - brushing, combing, towel turbans and silicones can all pull out curl. It's more important to know your hair properties that your curl pattern anyway as that will help you choose appropriate products and ingredients.

It's worth working your way through the stickies on the newbies board and general haircare board, plus some of the articles on the main NC site especially those by 'curl chemist' Tonya MacKay. If you are still confused by properties you might consider having a hair analysis done, either Live Curly Live Free (cheaper but generic information) or Komaza Care (more expensive but very detailed).
Tonya McKay |
Live Curly Live Free - Hair Analysis
Komaza Care HAIR ANALYSIS Service - Rave! - Long Hair Care Forum


mermaidwaves 05-26-2013 10:57 AM

Your hair looks just like mine! Only longer and healthier, lol. I have fine individual strands as well, but my overall density is good and I have no problem growing out my hair (other than that it's so slooww, but I assume that's mostly generics anyway). Anyway, I would call that a 2a, with some styling (or the CG method) you could probably get it curlier, more of a 2b/2c, if you want. I love 2a waves though :)

I've played around with CG before, but have only gone fully CG about a week ago. There is already a huge difference, so I definitely recommend at least trying it if you are curious. If you look at some of the wavy members' signatures you can see products that tend to work for certain hair types and properties, but don't look at it like it's set in stone. Despite my hair type I like to use heavier product, but lighter, if any, stylers.

Cinnamonagouti 05-27-2013 03:37 PM

I would say you're a 2b! But due to the length of your hair, the wave's probably weight down, so if it was shorter, you would most likely be a 2c :)

jakrussel3 05-27-2013 06:57 PM

Going CG is definitely good for wavies! :) If you don't want to strictly wash with conditioner (cowash), look into sulfate free shampoos. there are a lot of them out there and your hair will really appreciate it.

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