hello wavies!

Hi ladies! I've been visiting the main website for awhile now, and only found this forum about a month ago (and I read the entire thing in a few hours!) It was great to finally read about hair woes and issues that I could relate to. And everyone is so nice and helpful!

A little about me: I started wearing my hair natural about a year ago, and it's been one long learning process since then! I think I'm a 2a or b, my hair is layered (with the longest part about bsl), and my current routine is Nature's Gate Jojoba shampoo (once a week or less), Redken Fresh Curls condish, recoil and Citre Shine curl booster gel. I'm looking for a good second-day routine though...usually I dampen and scrunch in a little gel and water, or use the Redken Fresh Curls spray gel, but I have to be careful because it often ends up looking flat, crunchy or too product-y. Any hints or favourite routines?

Am also trying to decide whether to cut it or not...I have an appointment scheduled later this week, but my hair's suddenly been getting wavier and much nicer looking, even in the cold Canadian winter weather up here! Weird.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you...and apologies for the long post.
Hi there and welcome to the board

I have no suggestions on second day hair as I can't seem to get it ! As for the haircut, I'd cancel it and see how your hair continues to do over the next couple weeks. It doesn't take long to see improvements in your hair once you begin going CG or modified CG. You can always reschedule if you still feel you need a trim.

I'd visit some of the other forums (3A, 3B, etc.) to see if you can find any threads on second day hair. There's some on the main board, but you may have to go back a few pages.
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Thank you! I'm cutting it less often than I ever have before, and it has been looking better...I guess I'm still learning how long it has to grow before the wave will come out.

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