jessicurl or devacurl for wavies?

Which products do you prefer? (and what kind of hair do you have?)

I'm torn-not sure which to try. I'm leaning towards Jessicurl, just bc she's, well, jessicurl, but the Angell sounds pretty good too...I have a limited PJ budget otherwise I'd just buy both of'em!

Are the jessicurl trial sizes big enough to determine if the product will work for you or not? (and does she offer a discount for'ers? )

Please help me make up my mind! I have hair that has a very weak curl pattern (which may be due to a perm done 10/05) but gets very, very curly-albeit loose spirals, no corkscrews here -with the right attention . Probably appropriate to say 2bc w/ 3a moments? I wish my camera was cooperating, I'd put up a fotki.

thank you!

Hi MaybeWavy!
Your hair sounds similar to mine. I read here for months before deciding to try Jessicurl, and I'm really happy with the Gelebration Spray and Too Shea! conditioner. My hair is very wavy/curly and coarser in the back, and the Gelebration Spray seems to curl up the front and top, making everything look a lot more uniform. I don't know as much as other curlies on this board so I'm hoping they'll post too. If you go to the Jessicurl website, she tells you a lot more about how to use her products. The Island Fantasy scent is YUMMY.

Devacurl is used on my hair when I get it trimmed; they seem nice too.

Some curlies are using L'Oreal Studio Tightly Wound spray gel and getting awesome results...that's what I'll probably try next.
2C top/3A&B underneath. Activate Hydrating Conditioner, Jessicurl products.
Do you cowash w/ Activate? I've been using that for about a week or so, and am loving it. I tried cowashing with something a little lighter (Suave Citrus smoothie) and didn't get good results at all.

I guess for now I'll go with my gut instinct and try JC, esp since she offers trial sizes and DC doesn't... (I'm such a cheapskate!)
2cFii-ish with 3a moments. Always subject to change.

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Hi there!

I don't care for the DevaCare stuff and prefer Jessicurl. You can get her sample kit right here at Curlmart and there's a code to get either 10 or 15% off (the code is IVILLAGE). Jessicurl has an awesome video section on her website that shows you how to get her fabulous curls. Even if her products don't work for your hair, the videos help show you how to get great curls.
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Hi MW,

When I first went CG I had a lot of damage; my hair was so dry, I could actually FEEL the cuticles sticking up whenever I would wet it. I started by using DevaCurl stuff, and got really nice results. Those products definitely made my hair much softer and healthier.

About a month ago, my hair started getting really weighed down, loosing what curl/wave definition it had. Because of this, I started using Jessicurl stuff. I also opted for the sample pack, and I think the sizes are big enough to get a feel for the products.

I've been using RR, CC and AIS for about a week, and so far I really like them. My hair is soft, pretty well defined and holds up well throughout the day. I liked them so much that I ordered bigger sizes of those three products this week.

I also love the fact that the products are animal-friendly, and that the company is involved in raising money for various charities.

HTH! Let us know what you decide to do!
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Your hair sounds very similar to mine! I have 3a moments but mostly loose spirals.

I've been CG since 6/17 and have had success with both Jessicurl AND Deva products. The Deva stylist I went to recently recommended I purchase Deva SIF and ArcAngell. I've been using both for a few days now and have liked the results.
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I've had great results with Jessicurl (I've never used Deva, so I can't comment on that). My hair tends to be more wavy than curly, but with the RR & CCSS I get more curls than waves. Definitely go for the Island Fantasy. It smells good enough to eat! A sample pack should give you more than enough to decide if you like it.

Good luck & hope you find something that works for you!
Somewhere between a 2c & 3a
-Suave Naturals or VO5 (co-wash)
-GVP Conditioning Balm (conditioner)
-L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutrigloss (conditioner)
-Giovanni Direct Leave-in or GVP Conditioning Balm as leave-in
-Flax seed gel (my favorite right now)
-Biotera Gel
-HETT mousse
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I've had mixed results with Jessicurl and Deva. Jessicurl smells A LOT better, though, if that influences your decision. And I agree that the video about plopping as demonstrated by Jessie herself helped me very, very much.

Well! I guess I'm voting for Jessicurl. But I do like low-poo (Deva).
Jessicurl Too Shea and Rockin Ringlets both work for me. I bought a trial pack and it lasted long enough for me to figure out which products worked my waves. Love the Island Fantasy scent...hate the other one.
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Deva does have a trial/travel pack that has a few of their products. I know my local Ulta carries it, so no postage.
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i am going to be a pain and say neither. the deva products weigh my hair down A LOT (even though i really wanted to like them). i purchased the jessicurl trial pack and have to say that i liked the conditioner it came with (Aloeba & Too Shea) but that was it. the products worked only a couple of times and my head was always itchy. i love the deep conditioner though.

sorry i was no help.
still working on it
There are some things from JC I like...I LOVE the weekly DT from JC but that's about it of her stuff. Haven't tried anything from Deva that I liked.
I've had mixed results with Jessicurl and Deva. Jessicurl smells A LOT better, though, if that influences your decision.
Originally Posted by ninja dog
I loooooove the Deva scent in the One Condition and HIH.

I don't know. I've tried Gelebration, RR, CCSS, WDT, Aloba, TooShea!, Deva One Condition, Deva Heaven in Hair (dt).

I can't really say I really love any of these products for me. My hair looks OK with RR/CCSS, but feels like straw and looks like crap by the end of the day. The gelebration spray was hard to spray because it kinda comes out in a stream so I sprayed it in my hand and used it that way, but really did nothing for me. I am going to revisit the Aloba conditioner because I think I liked that one, but I only had the 2oz. sample.

Between the WDT and the HIH I like the HIH much better, but the WDT is a lot cheaper so if I had to do over I'd probably just get neither and use olive oil and AOHR.

I'm not loving One Condition at all. I don't know what it is doing to my hair, but since I started using it my hair is feeling less soft and more frizzy than usual and that's weird because it's so creamy. A lot of people like it.
If I had to choose, I prefer the JC. I like the scents and could get great results. I purchased the DevaCurl travel kit and didn't like any of the products. I thought the conditioner felt waxy and like it would build up. The Angel didn't have enough hold for me. I still don't understand what Set it Free is for.

I prefer more natural products and thought the Deva products were too chemical-y for my taste. I hated the scent.
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I like DevaCare (damaged hair, here) as a whole more than Jessicurl. Deva just gives me more consistent results.

I love what Jessicurl does for my hair, great waves without a producty feel, but the stylers make my hair feel like straw because of the magnesium sulfate in it. Bummer because I really liked it. I still use the shampoo and conditioners regularly. I love those and they don't have magnesium sulfate in them.

Deva is moisturizing enough for my hair, but I have to use ArcAngell because I need the hold factor. It keeps my hair soft, but does pretty well without weighing it down.

Another product line I really like is the Kinky Curly line. It only has a shampoo, leave-in and gel, but it is one of the best products I've used. The "gel" doesn't have a lot of hold, so I have to use another gel over the top, but it gives me great hair.

I have tried JC and Deva as well. JC doesn't provide long term hold for me and did nothing to help in the humidity. It worked OK in the Winter months but by the end of the day nothing but DROOP. Deva ArcAngel was kind of hit or miss too some days it worked great other days NOT. I love Deva NO-Poo, Conditioner and B-Leave in. Sometimes I like Set it Free it depends on the weather. Check the Swap board to sample things rather than buying it brand new. I wish I had known about this site b4 I wasted so much money trying products!
I haven't tried the Deva stuff, but I've been using Jessicurl for a few months now-- ever since I went modified CG-- and I'm really happy with the Aloeba conditioner and the WDT, which I use once a week for a half hour with a cap. I also tried RR, which weighed my hair down, and AIS, which made it feel like straw. I want my hair to feel as soft and natural as possible, so I'm only using product on the crown of my hair where I use duckbill clips to get some volume. The rest of my hair seems to curl/wave without adding product, so I leave it alone.

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