Any Success with Jessicurl for Wavies?

If so, which products work best for you? I've tried CC and RR and haven't quite made up my mind. I think I like them but want to get some other perspectives.

Thanks for your input. Do you use the two that I mentioned (RR and CC)?
Also, have you tried the Awe Inspiring Spray?
Wavy, some ringlets but not too much spring factor, long.
I do — I've got the whole styling line. I don't always use it because sometimes I prefer looser waves and curls, but I almost always have good luck with it when I return.

I like the lavender scent best.

I also like the owner. She's very funny, friendly, and open. Plus, she's one of us, by which I mean redheads.


http://Heel Fracture Talk on FB
I very much like JCRR and JCCC. I have better success mixing JCCC with BRHG. That is what I used in my avatar. It does some depend on weather. Alternately I like Spiral Solutions. I'm not a fan of Awe Inspiraling. Love JC gentle lather shampoo and the cleanser cream. I believe I like her Aloeba condish better than Too Shea but Too Shea is good. I think she has great products.
2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
Thanks, Chupie.

I had never heard of Spiral Solutions, so I'll look into that, too. Looks like I'll be ordering more from JC. I appreciate your opinions again.

Spiral Solutions didn't work for me, and I disliked the scent.

This may have something to do with hair properties, but since I don't know mine, I can't fairly offer a justification; simply that it didn't work for this wavy.



http://Heel Fracture Talk on FB

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