Thinking About Bangs....

Hi everyone! I am new to this community and have been doing the CG method for just 3 weeks. My hair is mostly 2c and I am thinking about getting bangs. But not sure what kind would work best with wavy/curly hair.

I need some assistance and was hoping to be able to see some pictures of ladies who have curly/wavy hair with bangs.

I've attached a pic of my current haircut sans bangs.

Thanks for your help!
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Thinking About Bangs....-jennifer_4.jpg  
Did you already take a look at the photo gallery? If you use the searchword bangs, you get these photo's: Curly Hair Styles
Hair type: 3b, normal porosity, medium texture

co-wash and rinse out: Inecto coconut conditioner
leave in: sHegron Aloe vera conditioner or Inecto coconut conditioner
styler: L'Oreal gel / mousse

Currently experimenting with home made flax seed gel (latest version with agave syrup and gelatine), home made protein treatments (latest version with gelatine and coconut oil)

IHerb code: SGW867 (up to $10 off)

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