The Saga of a hot day

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The Saga of a hot day-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377800266.340632.jpg

The Saga of a hot day-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377800285.140163.jpg

After driving around in a hot car over lunch

The Saga of a hot day-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377800383.372775.jpg

Salvage work. Went in the bathroom and combed it out (shhhh). N&S'd it then did a really light water mist and scrunched

The Saga of a hot day-imageuploadedbycurltalk1377800420.957153.jpg
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2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
Chuppie your so funny, you made me laugh on another thread when you were talking about doing the "quick and dirty routine". I wanted to ask you or anyone, do you leave the house and go places before you sotc or do you wait at home until your hair is dry and then sotc before you leave? I hate going out while my hair wet and krispy but i go crazy trying to get my hair dry so i can leave.
No. I have made peace with myself that I need to go into public crispy sometimes. At first it looked too bad to do that but as I've gotten better now I don't mind. Sometimes it almost looks better. But what tipped it is seeing other wet haired people show up at work. There are at least two real curlies and a permed curly. They do it. So hey I do too. Also I've seen a couple of crunchy curlies at restaurants. Of course they have amazing curls that look fantastic and will SOTC into magnificent tendrils as well. Still it showed me its not weird or anything. It makes it so that I don't have to get up at God o'clock in the morning too and I'm good with that.
2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
You made me smile
Hair type: 3b, normal porosity, medium texture

co-wash and rinse out: Inecto coconut conditioner
leave in: sHegron Aloe vera conditioner or Inecto coconut conditioner
styler: L'Oreal gel / mousse

Currently experimenting with home made flax seed gel (latest version with agave syrup and gelatine), home made protein treatments (latest version with gelatine and coconut oil)

IHerb code: SGW867 (up to $10 off)
Thanks Chupie you have boosted my crispy confidence!

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