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I've spent the better part of today surfing this website and am amazed I haven't run across it before. I've got 2a/b curls with potential for 3a curls IF I want to work hard at it. Some days I've got the perfect curl, others, read: most days, it's just a frizzy, shoulder-length wavy, limp mess. I am a pj big time and currently wash my hair 3x a week with Ouidad Voluming SLS poo (my bad) and Ouidad's Volumizing conditioner everyday in between ( I do not have good 2nd day hair). I use Aquage's defining gel and it's volumizing mousse. If I let dry for 20 minutes or so then diffuse it comes OK, but just OK though, so I end up using my curling iron to perk up the waves. THEN, I use TiGi Curl hairspray to lock all the curls in place, ARG, too much product. I want to simplfy. Most of the posts I've read seem to have you all using certain curl friendly products, cremes, gels and no locking sprays, am I mising something? What is the trick, I have the potential for perfect curls. Just need to figure out the right combination. I also need a recommend for a DT treatment that won't weigh down my curls. Sorry for the long post! Thanks!
The one thing that helped my waves the most was quitting shampoo. Not sure where in Colorado you are, but when I was in Fort Collins we had excellent water which really allowed for conditioner only washing (CO) to work it's magic.

My best routine there (my hair looked good 80% of the time) was to CO with suave aloe conditioner (handfuls, LHC-style rather than CG style), use some aloe vera gel (fruit of the earth from walmart) as a leave in, and then scrunch in a tiny bit of gel (I think I was using the garnier fructis spray gel for curls). It was also a cheap routine which was nice

CO isn't for everyone, but I was able to manage without a shampoo and without buildup for about 5 months in Colorado. It might be worth a shot.
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Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
Thanks a bunch! It's usually on the 4th day of not pooing that I get that greasy gotta wash feeling, I'll give it whirl. Thanks for the tip on the Aloe Vera.
I usually co wash for 2 days, then wash with a non sulfate shampoo like Jessicurl HCC or DevaCurl Loo Poo every 3rd day.

Then I use a clarifying low sulfate shampoo maybe once a month (Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo) or whenever my hair starts missbehaving.

I also find that even though my hair is fine, I do need a leave-in for the maximum curls. I use GF Sleek and Shine.
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Thank goodness my husband is traveling, I'm attempting the plop and if he saw me he'd wonder "what the heck?" I've followed your advice and added a leave-in co after a co-only wash, underneath Aveda's curl enhancer (which I bought yesterday) with a defining gel on top! I'll keep y'all posted. Thanks so much for tips!

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