Big chop or not?

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Hi everyone,
I know this has been talked about lots before but I was wondering if any wavies have any inspirational big chop stories or warnings? My appointment is on Monday and right now my hair reaches mid-back. It is layered, and the shorter parts (hitting just under my shoulder) are the waviest (2c), with the longest parts being probably 2a.

I know I will definitely discuss it with my stylist (first time going to her!) but purely informally, what have been your experiences? I don't want to go too short where my hair doesn't have a chance to wave at all. But I still feel like I should cut it short enough so that it's not being weighed down like it is right now. Also to be honest I'm just scared to go shorter! My hair has been long for the last 2-3 years... So any encouraging words would be appreciated
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Does your hair get wavier as it is getting longer? If so, you might lose some curl formation. I discovered that was the case for me when I had a dryer mishap and had to cut my waist length hair to above shoulder length. My "curls" are wide and need length to loop around itself.

If, however, your waves are stronger when it is shorter, you should have nothing to worry about!

Just make sure to ask as many questions and address as many concerns as you need to BEFORE scissors touch your hair. Any stylist worth their weight will make sure you are completely comfortable before a new cut.
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Recently (last weekend), I had 5 inches (when stretched) cut off my hair, to make it easier to manage. From my initial results (it will be another week probably at least until I figure out the best styling routine etc) my hair is so much less wavy.
Big chop or not?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1380210971.602725.jpg
That was before the cut
Big chop or not?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1380211001.357358.jpg
That was after
It will probably get a bit wavier than this, but probably not as wavy as before. I think I need the length for the waves to fully show, which some wavies seem to find. I kind off like the softer, gentler look, although I do miss my tighter waves.
I also have 2c curls in the front section of my hair. They are still curlier than the rest of my hair, but not as curly as they were before.
Looking at your shorter sections will probably help, bearing in mind different curl patterns on different areas on your head, how short you want to go, and hopefully your cut will go well!!
If you are not sure about how much length you want off and are unsure of the stylist, you can always go half way between the length you want ultimately and your current length. This means that if your hair is not as wavy or you don't like the length, you can choose to grow it out and it won't take as long. If your hair is fine, you can always go back next time and get it cut to the length you ultimately want
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The shorter my hair is, the straighter it is!
How did it go?
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Thanks so much for all your replies!

It went okay... I ended up getting it done on Friday instead so I've only had a day to play around with it, styling-wise. She took off about two inches from everywhere (which was fine for the longest parts - I have now realized that they really needed it and it's still pretty long) but this ended up making my shorter layers super short; it wasn't exactly what we had talked about but oh well. Luckily the shortest part is in the front by my face and this also happens to be where my hair is waviest, and so the pieces are bouncing up to just under my chin. It would look very strange if they just hung straight! I know that if the underneath layers were this short they would just hang there and look awful. All in all I think it wasn't the best cut but it could have been far worse!!!
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