Straight on top, curly underneath -- help!

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Hi there,
I'm not sure how to handle this situation and frankly, I'd rather go (s)wavy than straight since I'd rather just wash & go than style.

I have shoulder length hair that's straight on top and curly on the bottom -- definitely a 2B/C. I've done the DevaCurl routine before and found it didn't do anything for me. The only stuff that seems to work on me is KinkyCurly on soaking wet hair. However, when it dries, it dries wavy but looking 1980's-ish with lots of gel in it. If I finger-comb it out, the top straightens out. I would like to keep the waves soft.

Any suggestions, including shampoos or whatever? I'd like to keep it as simple and inexpensive as possible but I'll do what I have to. Also, I don't dry because I don't have time (or energy) to be drying at 4am!

Thanks for your guidance.

You mentioning combing it out. Have you tried scrunching out the crunch instead?
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2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
I have the opposite problem ... my bottom layer is straight and the tops are curly. I just was at a deva salon and they suggested using a hard hold gel, scrunching in with your head flipped over, and then scrunching out the crunch when it's dry. I've tried it a few times at home and it does help. I will say it is still not as curly as the rest but at least I get a little bit of wave to help it blend in. HTH
Hair Type: Combo of 2A, 2B and 2C ... with a weird straight underlayer
Fine, normal porosity, normal elasticity.

Currently using:
Low Poo: Yes To Cucumbers Color Protection Shampoo
Cowash: VO5 Moisture Milks
Styler: KCCC
Gel: Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Gel, Tigi Bed Head Creative Genius gel

Started CG 9/10/13

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