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CaitieB 09-26-2013 12:02 PM

Anyone cheat in the winter?
When it is humid out, my hair is easily 2b/c to even 3A in some places. That is what motivated me to go CG in the first place, because I was so tired of fighting my hair.

I've been working with my hair for 6 months in its natural state now, and it was going really well. Now, its cool, there is zero humidity, and my hair is becoming a stringy mess. I have no hope of 3 or 4 day hair any more, and even 2nd day hair is hopeless. It looks okay for about 2 hours on the first day, but then it just goes stringy and flat. I know that you have to change your products in the cooler months, so I've been experimenting with different things, but nothing. My hair is straight up disgusting. It's also hard to dry it in the mornings now, because its so cool and I'm pregnant (and therefore moody and impatient) I don't like to air dry in 58 degree weather.

So is it totally sacrilegious if I stay CG but straighten my hair in the winter months? I only have to do it about once a week (and use dry shampoo every few days). I actually prefer co-washing now, so I'll stick with my regular products, just blow dry straight once a week and wear it like that. Will it be impossible to get it back to "normal" once it gets humid again?

09robiha 09-26-2013 03:01 PM

In winter I tend to have 'curly breaks' and straighten in winter. It means I can leave my hair alone for up to 5 days..and I can brush!! I love to brush :)

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