new here + losing hair!

Hello everyone,
I'm Katie. This is my first post in the forums though I have been looking around for a while. I have always had wavy hair, but because it was over-dry and I paid no attention to it, I never realized how curly it was until I cut it short. This is me:

(I love it short and plan on keeping it this way!)

A few weeks ago I decided to switch to sulfate free shampoo because I felt like I was losing a lot of hair in the shower. I figured the shampoo I was using was too rough and was damaging it. (I washed it every other day but shampooed twice -- even so it didn't feel very clean because it'd get oily fast).

So, I got SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention shampoo, as that has gotten good reviews here. From the first shampooing, my hair seemed to love it!
I say 'seemed' because now it has been over a week and I am alarmed at all the hair I am losing. It seems twice as much as before and is also coming out as I go about my day. I am washing every other day and using the shampoo twice as I did before. I'd like to decrease both but also don't want to be too greasy as I adjust. I am not putting anything else in my hair cuz I'm low maintenance and don't like to bother with mousse + whatever.

Is is possible that the shampoo is too 'heavy' for my hair? TOO moisturizing? Is that a thing? Is this an adjustment period thing that I should wait out? This shampoo is supposedly for damaged hair.

Also I went vegetarian about 3 months ago so am going to start taking multi-vitamins, making sure I'm getting enough protein, etc in case that is having an effect.

Any advice would be appreciated, and I am looking forward to hanging out here!

- Katie

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Hmmm hair loss can be related to a number of things... I'd recommend seeing your MD and a derm. It could be that your scalp doesn't like the SMMR poo... but since you said you started losing a lot of hair before you started using it... it might not be the new poo at all. Since you changed your diet 3 months ago, that could very well be the culprit, especially if you're deficient in a vitamin or mineral like biotin, iron, one of the Bs (don't remember which one) etc. That's just a hypothesis; best check with with a healthcare professional. It's best to do this sooner rather than later, so you can make the necessary adjustments. Good luck!
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Yeah. I'm not losing CLUMPS or anything. Before I tried the SMMR, it was probably not too much more than normal, but it felt like a lot. But now it seems worse.

I am going to try another sulfate-free shampoo because I do like how soft + moisturized my hair feels now, but not sure what SMMR is doing to my scalp.

You're right about seeing a doctor, that's probably the best bet. I just had a physical but that was only a week into my being vegetarian so maybe now I am deficient in something.

Thank you for your response!

- Katie

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