Aussie Aussome Volume texturizing gel

Has anyone else tried this gel? I just had to come on and rave about it! The Aussie line was on sale at the drugstore the other day, so I grabbed this and the aussome volume spray gel to try. This morning I co-washed with Suave lavender & lilac and then scrunched in a little recoil and the aussie gel. I blotted with some paper towels and left it to air dry for awhile, then diffused until it was barely damp...I was impressed that it wasn't crunchy or sticky, but it didn't look all that wavy, so I forgot about it and went to study. After another hour or so, I took a break and looked in the mirror, and I was amazed: I have smooth, almost-spirally waves! (And the weather is cold and awful, which usually results in flat hair and very little curl/wave formation). Good stuff!
I use Aussie products too. I was SO sad when they took off thier two types of hold and started this Texture line, but it is pretty good too. Glad you like it as well!
I do! The only Aussie product I had used previously was the 3-minute miracle deep conditioner - I loved that too but just moved on to other things during my various hair experiments. Update on the Aussome Volume spray gel: this morning after my shower I dampened the bottom of my hair with water (definitely the waviest part) and then scrunched in the spray gel - I sprayed a little bit on the sides and then sprayed it into my hands to get at the back and bottom of my hair. Smoothed the top, let it air dry, and it looks great - nice and wavy with no crunch or stickiness. I am *very* impressed with these products!
I was in Walgreens one day and the lady working there had a short spikey-do. Anyway, she said she used an Aussie spray gel that had hold, but wasn't crunchy. I never knew Aussie to have a spray gel, but she said it is hard to find and they only sell it at Walmart and Kmart here. I bought some, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the review WavyJ.
3a fine, thin, loose curls

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