Wounded Pride

For the past couple of days, I've been exploring a new routine: a leave-in condish after co washing, Aveda's curl enhancer with a dollop of gel on top. I've finally got the whole plopping thing down and have been very impressed with the results.

This morning, I thought I'd switch it up a little to experiment, deleted the leave in condish after my co wash and opted for Kerastase Elasto Curl with a dab of Ouidad Volumizing mousse I plopped and ICK! I poofed, nary a curl in sight, lesson learned - stick with what works!
thats true, but it is always fun to experiment, you might find something that works better.
Conditioner is my friend! LOL! I'd never leave it out anymore, though I have tried that too. I have a product phobia and hate to put anything in my hair that stays in there. That said, I would have to hide my head without my leave-in so I am over that one! LOL!

Have fun experimenting.
On day four of just conditioning (I found a bottle of Suave Coconut under the sink), went back to my leave in condish, Aveda curl and Define gel routine, used a little B2B spray gel and love my curls again, especially after my experimenting fiasco yesterday.

Tomorow, I get to try Recoil, woo hoo! I'm so excited! My boss ordered it, Fast Food and some other AG products for me to play with! I let one of the stylists use it on her curly client and WOW, her curls came out fabulous! I also turned said client on to naturallycurly.com hope she tunes in.
Waaaaa Re:coil has not worked well in my hair for the past two days. First day, I think I used too much, second day, just another icky, poof hair day. Shall switch back to Aveda Be Curly and see what happens.
I feel your pain regarding the Re:coil! The first time I tried it (about a year ago), I used it alone and probably used too much - all I remember is frightening, crunchy, tangled waves - not pretty. I was scared off of using it for awhile...and then after reading all kinds of good reviews here, I thought about trying it again, because it was good for wave/curl definition for me. So now I'm using it again...cautiously...and figuring out how to make it work with my hair. I usually leave in some conditioner, scrunch a little water out of my hair, scrunch in three little dabs of re:coil (sides and back of my hair), and then scrunch in three larger dabs of gel on top. Works well, especially if every other element (weather, etc.) is cooperating too!

Like everything else, I think it's all about figuring out the right amount and maybe trying it with other products. Less is definitely more in my case!

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