I finally bought the book!

After over a year of coming here and trying to figure out the whole CG thing I finally went out last night and got the Curly Girl book! I read the whole thing already. Now I feel just silly for now spending the $10 on the book in the first place. Everyone here is so nice and helpful about everything, but we still tend to float secondhand "what-works-for-us" information around.

I'm so happy with my book! Woohoo!
After all the reading I've been doing on this website, I ordered the book as well, should have it any day! I'm so eager for all the tips and tricks when it comes to curly hair and I'm forever trying suggestions I read on nc.com - just bought GW Making Waves yesterday to give it a whirl :D

I'd love to try CG, but don't know if my waves will take to it nor do I know if I'll have the patience for it. Wish me luck!
the first thing i did was buy the book after a friend said that she thought it would work for my hair type. then, after buying the book, i did a search and found this forum and another site on cg.

the book is well worth having..there are loads of tips in it. i still read it all this length of time later.


Heather Dawn - you've been here so long you could write the book.

It is useful for newbies though.
"What's the good of having naturally curly hair if nobody's jealous?" Freida - Peanuts

~CG 8/06 ~
fine, wavy - 2b/3a
My cg book arrived yesterday, and I immediately read it cover to cover then referenced it again this AM.

I've decided to give CG a try, especially since the book says it's A-OK for wavies to shampoo once a week - this I can do!

I'm determined to give up the blow dryer w/diffuser and refuse to add the curling iron to my curly locks. I'm also going to ditch my finishing hairspray (or I have the best intentions to). Feeling ambitious, ha. I wonder if it'll last...

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