I know I made a post a couple weeks ago about wanting a color change and originally, I was against doing any type of red. I had been a redhead of various shades on and off for 8 years and even though I love it and it looks great with my skin tone, it fades so insanely fast. Well, I recently went completely shampoo-free a.k.a. water-wash only (and only use a conditioner or PT here and there), and after reading some other people's stories on-line about how their hair color was lasting much longer without using any type of shampoo, I decided to go back to red. I used a John Frieda Color Foam kit and I'm really happy with the results. I also plan on picking up their color gloss to help retain my shade soon. Yay!!
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[FONT=Going back and forth between Herbal Essence Don't Fade On Me shampoo and condish and L'oreal Sulfate Free shampoo

- Not Your Mother's Curl Cream, La Bella Sports Gel, Aussie Sprunch Spray

[/COLOR][/FONT] [I][B]My waves are finally getting stronger thanks to weekly PTs and longer hair in general. Still trying to grow it out though!

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