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I have 3c curly hair and it's very dark brown almost black.I want to dye it a lighter color I tried dying it with a dark and lovely boxed dye and I tried a strand test and it didn't change any color at all I kept it on the entire time too. I don't know what i should do at this point I really want the color. I'm open to anything, or if anyone lives near the Charlotte,North Carolina area and know someone who's good with curly hair and good price or going to sally's anything really, I just don't want to ruin my curl pattern.
i don't think you can dye to a lighter color, i think you have to 'lift' the darker color off first. check with a hair colorist. you can call a salon and just ask that question - like if you came in, how would they get your hair lighter.
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What colour where you trying to dye it?

Different box dyes have different developers in them, so some makes don't change darker natural hair at all, others have a subtle effect and others show a clear difference.

Plus the colour you are trying to dye your hair makes a difference. Generally shades of red, blonde and light brown work.
Before I went natural I used to dye my hair a bright red, all I used was Loreal Oreor 30 volume cream developer and the Loreal excellence hicolor

My hair is a very dark brown as well, here how it and out
Dying my hair lighter-imageuploadedbycurltalk1396732524.286071.jpg

That's the only picture I have with decent lighting to really see
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I was trying to dye it a medium brown I don't wanna go too light.
That's why it didn't show.

I personally don't like Dark and Lovely dyes as when I looked into using one it didn't have a before and after dye panel like most more mainstream dyes have on their boxes. This means you don't know if it will make a difference until you have brought it and tried it. With some of the blonde shades it said in small writing the effect was on bleached hair.

If you look on lots of boxes of hair dye they have a panel with 3 different natural hair colours and what they look like after dying.

The natural hair colours tend to be blonde, light brown and medium brown. Only a few dye boxes have dark brown natural hair colour on it. You need to choose a dye that has this natural hair colour on it where you can also see if there is a difference when it's dyed.

There are exceptions to this but until you are more experienced and know what brands and colours work for you it's the easiest rule to use.

If you go to a salon they won't necessarily be willing to do a double process on your all your hair or use a stronger developer just to get it a slightly lighter brown. This is because dying hair also causes damage. They will tell you to choose a lighter colour so it shows. It however will not turn out as light as you think.
Yea I know some people use the loreal ultra lift hair dye but they have pin straight hair so I don't know if I should use that because I've never seen anyone use it on my type of hair texture
If you google " loreal ultra lift hair dye" there is a least one old thread about the product from this site.

Most curlies who dye their hair don't blog or vlog about it but if you look around there are lots of women with dyed hair which isn't stick straight.
I didn't really have anything to add except I'm from Raleigh and wanted to say hi to a fellow NC'er!
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