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which mousse do you use? brit
My routine - I co wash every other day with Trader Joe's Tea tree tingle conditioner. Once a week, I shampoo with Shea Moisture coconut hibiscus shampoo and follow with the Shea Moisture conditioner. Then I scrunch excess water out of my hair with my hands, apply mousse and scrunch dry with micro fiber towel. I've tried gel, but it weighs my hair down and the curls disappear when I scrunch put the crunch. Maybe I need to try a different gel. Sometimes I use Cantu hair shine spray on the ends because they get dry.

Today I tried diffusing my hair , but stopped halfway because it made it very pouffy. I will post a pic when it is totally dry.
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If I use mousse, I use one called Color Proof Lift It. My mom gave it to me because it made her head itch, so I didn't buy it for any specific reason. I like it. It makes my hair clump nicely.

I wanted to update that I got a Deva cut and I think it helped with the messy look. Well, the first week I was freaked out because my hair was almost straight, but then the curl came back. Here's my hair this morning.
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