Help! 7 yr old with tender head and 2b, low porosity, super thick hair

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I am completely new to this site but so glad I found it. I have been struggling alone for 7 yrs with my daughters hair and never thought there might be a community of people out there to help me. My daughter has tons of hair, it is wavy curvy (mostly) the front sides are more fine and have little to no curl. She is very low porosity ( washing is tough because her hair doesn't get wet) after looking on the threads I don't see much on brushing hair. I've had other curly's tell me not to brush curly hair... But she has matted clumps if I don't brush, there is no finger brushing with this child. Bath time and hair brushing is a trial that I've worried would end in the police being called by the neighbors. I need advice in both products I should buy, I will pay $$$ to have this headache solved and brushing advice. Her hair tangles again almost as soon as I brush it. Brushing requires sectioning it off into small pieces and brushing each one (which takes close to an hour) thanks in advance for any advice and help, so glad I found y'all!
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First question; what do you use for her hair routine right now (to wash, brush, and/or style it)? That will help us nail down if there's anything you could be doing differently, if there are things you should add or eliminate, etc.

I can't be sure, but my first guess as to why brushing is such a tangly nightmare is that her hair is getting clean but not moisturized. It'll be easier to get specific once we know more about what you're already doing.

There is also brand of brush called Denman that I have heard of curlies using because it is gentler than the standard hairbrush. I have never used one myself, (and haven't even owned a hairbrush for about 15 years), but may be something to look into.
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I would look for a leave-in that's got lots of slip, like KCKT. Combine that with a wide tooth comb or denman and it should be much easier.
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I love my denman, but if I were dealing with very tangled hair, I'd use a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser. If you do a forum search for denman or tangle teaser, you'll find a bunch of reviews for both. I'd divide the hair in sections, soak it with water and add conditioner. Adding a little more water after the conditioner will often make it extra slippery. Start at the ends, holding the section just above where you're combing, and once the tangles are gone move up and repeat. Holding the roots of a section, or at least higher up the section while you detangle the ends, can help prevent the hair pulling at the scalp. She'll experience less pulling and pain, which should help keep her happy and patient with the process. Depending on her length, braiding is a great way to reduce tangles between washes.
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All good advice - comb through/detangle sopping wet with loads of conditioner and a wide tooth comb. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Ditch the brush!

If she is still taking baths, rinse the conditioner out with a big cup filled with water - have her tilt her head back and out the water from the top of her head so it runs through the length. Once she's old enough to shower on her own, she can rinse the same way. See if you can run the comb through once more after rinsing; it's ok to leave some conditioner in to make it easier.

Products don't have to be expensive - for example I love V05's clarifying Vanilla Mint Tea conditioner for cleansing and conditioning. She might need a lot of conditioner for hair that thick and long, and this stuff is less than $1/bottle.

Don't rub her hair with a towel - you'll just snag it again. Blot dry or turban her hair gently with a microfiber towel to absorb some of the moisture, then let it air dry or braid it damp.

When my hair was long, a braid was my saving grace. If she can sleep in a loose braid, all the better.

Good luck to your little sweetie!
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Thanks so much for all the advice. We've been traveling so I am just now getting to look over it all. We use Paul Michells instant hydrating shampoo and conditioners for her, then I use a biotin and collagen leave in oil mist, and suave leave in conditioner. Brushing her hair while sopping wet is impossible since it never gets wet. I have to wash it under water so it actually lathers. We have a wide tooth comb and it doesn't even begin to go through her hair but I have found if I brush it under the water it goes through better. I'm going to look and see what a denman is. Oh and we also use a coconut oil mask once a week.
your daughter sounds like she has hair like mine. I would recommend heating any products you use on her hair before you apply them, otherwise they really won't do anything on low-porosity hair. Also she may cry at this, but my mom kept my hair above my shoulders until I was old enough to care for it myself. Brush it out when it's dry BEFORE she climbs into the bath and that will make it easier. As far as styling, going to bed in a french braid will cut down on the tangles.
Check out this post!

Science-y Hair Blog: Moisturizing Low Porosity Hair

Toward the end of the post it links to some product suggestions. I don't have much experience with tangles but I do know coating my hair with conditioner in the shower makes it so much easier to comb through! I agree that braids or fun up dos might also help cut down on tangles and the tears.
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