Need help! What type of hair do I have?

Hello everyone! I am really new to wearing my hair wavy (about three weeks) and all of my life I either had my hair in a ponytail or straightened (via hair dryer or straightener). Now I have decided that I want to wear it wavy but I really cannot tell what type of hair I have. Type 2a/2b/2c? The reason I am having trouble telling is because different parts of my hair have different types of waves. The top layer of my hair is straighter than the bottom layer. Then there are some clumps that might be more like 2b/2c. But there are also parts that look more like 2a.

The reason it's a problem is because I am trying to figure out what type of product to use. Currently I am co washing with vo5 conditioner and no shampoo at all. I am using got2b kinkier mousse.

I'm including pictures and you can see how my hair is all over the place. With one picture you can see that my hair has soft waves, but then in the other two pictures you can see hair clumps that might be 2b/2c.

What should I do with my hair? What types of products should I use? (I am avoiding all heat products) Thanks!
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Need help! What type of hair do I have?-phpzamuke1405653921.jpg   Need help! What type of hair do I have?-phpeyoj8u1405654087.jpg   Need help! What type of hair do I have?-phpfecgqe1405653922.jpg  
These might be better pictures of my hair.
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Need help! What type of hair do I have?-photo-7-18-14-1.07-pm-4.jpg   Need help! What type of hair do I have?-photo-7-18-14-1.04-pm-5.jpg  
I'd say 2b. But what really helps figure out products are properties. Is your hair fine medium or coarse? Is it dense or thin? For you color? Then it's probably porous especially on the ends. You'll see a water test for porosity but that I not very reliable. The vest way to figure that out is have an analysis done. If you have a microscope available you can look yourself. But coloring, bleaching or heat will cause this. What products are you currently using?
2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation
My hair is medium I'd say and between dense and thin. I used to color my hair, and yeah the edges are probably damaged. I'm just looking for a product that would make all of the waves similar in shape and size and that wouldn't make my hair look greasy or wet. Right now I am just using got2b kinkier mousse. It makes my hair look really wet though
I've tried mousse, doesn't give enough definition for me....Herbal Essences Curly Mousse (or something like that). But I have noticed that DevaCare Arc Angel creates soft definition and once you scrunch out the crunch (SOTC) it looks soft and wavy without looking wet. For many of us it's just trial and error until we find what works for our individual hair.
These might be better pictures of my hair.
Originally Posted by maybewavyy
Take the test...LOL! :

Texture Typing 101

Looks like 2a or 2b to me...
My hair is "exotic, beautiful and free",,,yeah, that be ME!!!
3B/C - Easy to straighten, [no heat ever/no protect. styling].

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