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Hi ladies,

Iím mostly an occasional lurker as I usually have my hair routine fairly sorted out (mod-cg-ing since 2007, but taking a very low maintenance approach with usually hardly any styling products at all).

My hair is currently just below shoulder length, 2c/3a texture with layers starting at chin-length (when freshly cut) - depending on the prevailing wind and humidity, I can manage 2nd day hair with a squish of water with a bit of conditioner in it. So far so good.

Thing is - Iím a bit bored. My hair being my hair Iíve had it in variations of this length/cut for the past 15 years.
The shortest it has been was an ill-advised radical cut just after I started CG (which at least got rid of my shot ends!) - and at that point that was too short for my hair to have any curl whatsoever.
The longest was about 3 years ago, when I has teased it own to bra-strap length - which was nice, but a lot of hard work and ultimately, I think my hair is too fine to work at that length. The end of my ponytail was just wispy and pathetic.

Also, Iím recently a bit less than impressed with my usual hairdresser - long story, essentially a screwed up up-do and poor service and taking into consideration that I had been using this salon for about 8 years I was a bit cheesed off. Anyhow - I think Iíd be in the business for a new hairdresser into the bargain.

So, after this lengthy spiel my two questions:

1) Whatís the opinion on chin-or slightly longer- length curly bobs for 2c/3a hair?

2) Does anyone know of reputable hairdressers in Glasgow? I realise this is taking a bit of apunt - I've had a look about on google and the british curly forum, but all the answers I could find are a few years old...

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i love the bob for 2c/3a hair! i think it would look great.
i would bring photos to whatever stylist you go to, really be clear on what you want. and make sure they are long layers, not short on top!!
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I'm in the U.S. so all I can comment is about the bob. I've had different lengths of it through the years, one is showing in my avatar, so yeah, I like them, but for the very reason that I'd had them so many times when I went for a haircut last week and ended up with a short bob I was disappointed and 2 days later took matters into my own hands and shortened it maybe more than 2" more, probably a little too short but at least different than what I've had for the past 2+ years.
Doesn't anyone notice that after trimming horizontal their ends curl tighter? I trimmed a very small section and the.moment I clipped the scissors the end went curly on spot.... I am now tempted to do my whole head.

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