help...1 year olds hair..what type and how to take care of it..

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hello my name is renay and i'am struggling trying to figure out how to manage and take care of my daughters is very curly,almost puffy and always dry I try to keep it hydrated but it absorbs and doesn't hold much and she cries whenever I touch it..i try to detangle it with no luck I also struggle with my own was was very long past my shoulders now it is shoulder length due to breakage and not doing anything with it it is also relaxed=/ I don't want her to have the hair troubles I have.i will post a picture of her hair I would love to know what to put in it and how to take care of it.....i'am clueless and would love help

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Your post has accidentally ended up in the 2s section which is for those with wavy hair. Would be worth reading the curly kids board, also check out the YouTube channels with children whose parents are following the Curly Girl method.

Curly hair is not supposed to be tangle free, that is the nature of the beast. Consider conditioner only washing, ONLY detangling when hair is soaking wet and slathered in a slippy conditioner, use fingers or a very wide tooth comb, protecting the hair at night from tangles with a silk/ satin sleep cap or silk/ satin bedsheets.
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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i wouldn't put a cap of any kind on a 1 year old to sleep in. and, i would think satin would be too uncomfortable for a baby.
i agree that you need to use lots of conditioner and a wide tooth comb to come (gently) out the tangles. since she is only 1 yr, i would stay away from products with oils, etc. as it may cause a reaction. however, i would also stay away from sulfate shampoos, including johnsons baby shampoo..
instead, look at a line like california baby, peter rabbit, etc. for gentle poos and conditioners. you can even leave a little conditioner in her hair, it will help keep it moisturized.
and for sure put this on the parents of curlies thread as they will have lots more suggestions.
she is lucky to have a mom wanting to learn how to best care for her curls.
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My hairdresser's daughter has 4b hair, and struggles with the same issues. What has worked for her is coconut oil for the dryness, and KCKT to detangle. A silk pillowcase helps for the overnight (I wouldn't use a cap on a baby, I find them annoying and rip them off when I sleep, and I'm grown), and a braid or twist should help stretch the days in between washes.
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