Living Proof, anyone?

I developed a total, all-encompassing obsession with Living Proof (specifically the Prime Style Extender and Perfect Hair Day styling cream, and the occasional dip into my jar of Amp) because it does pretty much every single thing that it claims.

That was before I realized I could achieve actual curls without the use of tools. To do that, I gel it super wet without the LP sauce. I still want to reap the benefits of frizz-free, 4 day hair in perfect condition, but I feel like styling it wet will dilute the product right off of my hair. I'm thinking about using the Perfect Hair Day conditioner as a leave-in and praying to the nerd gods that they'll come out with a gel, but has anyone have ideas on using a product that's meant for damp, not wet hair?
Curlywavydiane raves about Living Proof on her YouTube channel, maybe you could get ideas about how to use those products on your new regimen? I haven't tried that line, but I'm always playing around with how I like to use my products. Trial and error is the main thing to figuring out what works for your hair.

Here's a link to her initial review of the Prime - but it comes up in a lot of her videos. Hope this helps some!
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