Hi all! So I got my hair trimmed for the first time in 6 months. It was a curl-friendly dry cut (first one I ever had!), and although it ended up a little shorter than I wanted, it was probably good to trim off the dry ends. They used a few new products that I hadn't tried before: a bunch of Jessicurl products (HCC, Aloeba, Too Shea), and Mixed Chicks leave-in and another curl creme (can't remember which one) as stylers. I needed a new conditioner and styler, so I bought the Mixed Chicks leave-in and Too Shea, as well as CCSS. On a Jessicurl high, I also bought the light trial pack a few weeks later so I could try the other products.

Well. I don't know if it's the haircut, the products, my technique, or some combination of all three, but my hair has not been as wavy/curly in the last few weeks since the haircut! I've tried different combinations of the products (products, but each time my waves were flat and limp, even when I diffused. Today, in frustration, I went back to my old pre-haircut routine: co-washed with Suave lavender and lilac, rinsed it out completely, then srunched in Mixed Chicks leave-in, a few dabs of recoil, and a palmful of Aussie Aussome Volume extra-strength gel. Scrunched with a microfiber towel, diffused for a few minutes, and although it's not quite dry yet, I can tell it's going to be wavier than it's been in weeks! YAY!!!! Can't wait for it to grow out a little too, as it always gets curlier as it gets longer.

Guess there's something to be said for those tried-and-true products!