Any good rec's for a deep conditioner please??

I would like to say that I love this message board. Everyone here seems so sweet and nice.
I have long bsl hair thats very dry. I have been following the co method but I have noticed that the ponytail end of my hair is very dry. I do get a trim every six weeks. I use white rain extra body. but if my hair is greasy I use the vo5 kiwi and something lol I forgot. But I need something extra. I dont' use cones anymore. Does anyone think maybe I should go back to that? I do use jojoba oil on the ends. but I use to much and my hair looks to greasy. but I guess it does the job. is there anything else I could use to add moisture to my hair? something more intense. thank you for any help you can give me
I love loreal pro vive nutrigloss for long/medium wavy/curly hair. It's cone free, it has jojoba and palm oil, and it leaves my ends really nice. Might be worth a shot for 3-4 bucks/bottle. I use it after CO as a 2nd condish.

They also have a deep conditioner version in that line, but it seems to be the same ingredient list except there's more protein (like 6th ingredient instead of last) so I've never tried it.
Fine Wavy (2a)
Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
Try a deep treatment once a week using heat.

I love jessicurl weekly deep treatment.
I slather it on, put a plastic shower cap on and use the hair dryer to heat it up for a few minutes. then leave it on for an hour.

You may want to try a leave in conditioner on just your ends every day too.

Good luck!
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