What's the difference?

I'm wondering what the difference is between 2b/2c and 3a hair...what's the criteria? I read the thing under Curl411 but i'm not totally sure, still.

More importantly, i suppose, which one am I? Do I even have enough hair to know? I have a feeling its somewhere in the 2 range.

I think of 3a hair as having spirals throughout. With the 2's it's a bit confusing because it doesen't follow the rest of the classification scheme. It doesn't depend on the amount of wave you have, but on the coarseness/fineness of your hair. For example, I have very fine strands (you can barely feel one between your fingers) so I'm a 2a. 2b would be "average" coarseness, and 2c would be for wavies with very coarse/thick strands.

Did that make any sense? From your picture I'd guess that you are a 2, but can't make any judgements on individual strand thickness so you'll have to figure that one out on your own
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I think it's really up in the air right now if you are a 2 or a 3A. Many 3A lose curl when our hair is short b/c our hair needs a certain amount of length to make a full spiral, if that makes sense. Right now your hair looks wavy, but as it grows longer (if you intend on growing it out), you may find you get some spirals in there. In terms of products advice, it doesn't matter too much where you classify yourself, since the needs change gradually with the hairtypes. For example, I'm a 3A, but I often see what other 2's or 3B's are using on their hair because their hairtypes (and hair needs) are fairly close to mine.

PS - Hot damn girl, you pull off that pixie cut like a pro!
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PS - Hot damn girl, you pull off that pixie cut like a pro!
Originally Posted by Bailey422
I agree!! I used to wear my hair like that (I am now growing it out and it is just past my shoulders) and seeing your picture reminds me of how much I like short hair! Also, I like your big-headed cat.
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That is the question isn't it? Sarah Jessica Parker has curly hair that looks wavey when long. ( http://www.imdb.com/gallery/granitz/...arah%20Jessica ) My hair looks about like that if I brush it after washing. Mine also has spirals when shorter and I still get them in my shorter layers. Am I a 3A - I don't think so. When my hair was short it was NOT curly it was wavy until it hit chin length.

It also depends on which system you use; Andre's or FIA. Generally they use Andre's here, but the 2's are leaning more toward FIA since it is more exact. Who knows! I'd say you have beautiful hair no matter what number you end up in!
Your hair looks similar to mine, except mine is a bit thicker. My hair tends to get straighter when it gets longer because the weight pulls it straight. My hair will spiral when it is very, very short (spiral bangs).
So I guess I'm just going to assume 2 something for now. I'm trying to grow it out for now. Short hair was fun, but it's been a while and I need a change. It's easy to change your mind when you can go shorter, but after a while, when you're short-haired, there's nowhere to go but down.

But being in between isn't fun! I guess my biggest fear is that its just going to stay randomly fluffy and not get any of that nice definition and shape.
Hang in there Claire! It took me a good 3-5 months before my hair started looking really good on modified CG. If you look in my fotki (click the WWW below) there is a picture of me on page three that looks alot like your hair now - only worse - under "Growing out" LOL! I found that just below sholder length (the 9/12 picture) was the best curls for me. I have decided to go for some more length though. I miss my LONG hair. I still get spirals around my face and in the front near the sholders, but not in my longest layers at all anymore.
Looking at your hair makes me want to go back to short hair. My hair was definitely more wavy when short because it could not form a whole loop. But I think it was easier and now that I am older I struggle with the longer hair look.
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Your hair looks a lot like mine, even the color. I suspect that if you grow your hair out, you'll have the texture that people here refer to as 2something/3a, wavicelli, or inconsistent. I went through the same confusion as you about hair types, too- my hair doesn't look like the "wavy" pictures on here or in the CG book, but it doesn't look like the 3a/"Botticelli" examples either. It's somewhere in between, and shifts back and forth depending on the weather and its own moods I've learned not to fight with it too much, trying to get it to lie flat when it wants to curl or trying to get it to curl when it just wants to be wavy. Sometimes I think those of us with this texture need a support group. I'm still trying to find the right length and cut for mine.

My main suggestion is to experiment with different techniques and products. Two techniques that worked well for me were not to brush or comb my hair when it's dry, except occasionally with my fingers or a pick-type comb. I detangle with my fingers in the shower, put on gel, then blot it dry, then air-dry or diffuse. The other thing I do is plopping, which gives it a lift and brings out the wave/curl. (I think plopping is described in the FAQ here. The word "plopping" sounds funny, too )
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I actually can't wait till its long enough to try "plopping." I tried the other day, but my hair is still so short it was more like a "squish."

It is getting a bit more curl lately, though. Overall, I'm having fun with this!
Actually my friend had hair that was really wavy, almost straight when it was long (it was halfway down her back) but it was sooo curly when she got it cut short (it was like an afro if she didn't put stuff in it). I guess the weight of the hair pulls a lot of the curl out.
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Actually my friend had hair that was really wavy, almost straight when it was long (it was halfway down her back) but it was sooo curly when she got it cut short (it was like an afro if she didn't put stuff in it). I guess the weight of the hair pulls a lot of the curl out.
Originally Posted by chelseacharms
This is what happened with my hair. Lately I've been thinking I'm more 2b/c because when it's long it's harder to get curly. But I'm also confused about the whole type thing.
My hair was just frizzy when it was long. It seems to be better this time around (so far) with my CG stuff. The length is already pulling the curl out. I used to get ringlettes and now I have big fat waves. :P

Ya know the CG book only has three kinds of hair listed: Wavey, Botticelli and Curly. I'd say there are alot of us Boticelli girls that don't REALLY fit into any one niche.
HeatherDawn, I grew my hair out (a few inches below shoulders) and found the same to be true. I straightened it because the curl wouldn't happen like it does when it's short. The waves of my long hair were not very pretty, they were undefined and frizzy.

I wanted to be curly again. Cut my hair to just above shoulder length, and the curls/waves are back. But I have a lot of hair, so the volume is bigger know that it's short.

So I don't know what this makes me type-wise??

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