The woes of a Wavie.

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Wow! I just read this entire thread!!! Haha my hair tends to be schizophrenic (sp??) too! I still don't really know my hair type because it changes every day! I THINK I'm 2B/3Aish with 3B at the crown. I *always* get perfect corkscrews right there, no matter what the rest of my hair looks like. I tried doing my hair today by just leaving in some suave lavander condish and letting air dry. The front is 3Aish, the sides and underneath is wavy (some places bordering 3A) and the crown has corkscrews, as usual. It's kind of like the girl in the Yanai ad to the left (combine the before and after pics and that's my hair! I would LOVE to keep my hair like this, because I'm really happy with the curl pattern, but it's FRIZZY. Not a ton of frizz, but just enough to be annoying and look weird.

I can't wait to order Jessicurl!!! (I have to use up all my other products first, plus I entered the naming contest so I want to wait to see if I won--yeah right-- because then I'd have a gift certificate and wouldn't have to pay!) I'm really hoping that Jess's products will be my HGs.
Hair type: 3
...Would a diffuser help that much if I have to dry it?
Diffusing helps me get a more consistent wave pattern. Also, rinsing upside down seems to help. Finally, I've been learning to "plop". (Click on "search" in the upper left corner of the page and look for "plopping".)
Sporting: Long hair that can't make up its mind. Wavy? Curly? Straight? It's anyone's guess!
For those who were looking for a no-hold cream, I've been finding that Elucence Moisture Balancing condish works like that for me when I use a lot of it as a leave-in. (About a nickel to quarter sized amount.) I get slight definition and reduced frizz but no productyness.
Sporting: Long hair that can't make up its mind. Wavy? Curly? Straight? It's anyone's guess!
I am definitely a fan of Aloe Vera Gel. It is not producty and has some hold with no crunch. It is also very moisturizing.
I use Nature's Gate (it is 99% Aloe vera).

Type 2C/3A, Medium texture and I have a ton of it, long hair, brunette, flat crown.
Modified CG'er since August 2004
bump, cuz i need more wavy help
when you hook up an EKG to a tree you'll get a heartbeat every 15 mins
I'm half wavy half curly, fine thin hair. My hair likes to be washed every 2 or 3 days, with gentle shampoo, light conditioners, and then Matrix Gel or Biolage Gelee, and once or twice a week it like a leave in conditioner. I never know from day to day it is will be curly or wavy or both.
2a/3a thin, fine, half wavy/half curly.. half crazy
Growing long - CO and Low Poo - Biolage Gelee and Aloe Vera Gel - Ouidad deep treat
"learning to love me"

You mentioned in another thread that you have no frizz! I'm so impressed! What is your routine and what hair type are you?

2c with some 3a thrown in for fun!
CaliforniaWaves wrote
You mentioned in another thread that you have no frizz! I'm so impressed! What is your routine and what hair type are you?
Hi, I guess my hair type(s) would be a mix of 2's. I have lots of it, medium thick-to-thick (ponytail much thicker than a quarter) length, almost bra strap, all one length with a couple of face framing layers in front starting at chin length. my "routinr" is super-simple, I wash every 2 days with Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and follow with Biolage conditioning balm from the ears down. I leave the balm on while i shave, wash, etc., then rinse well (leaving too much residue makes my waves limp & stringy by day 2), then I towel squeeze (blot) and apply a dime size ammt of Aveda elixir leave in to the length, but nowhere near my scalp (again, 2nd day hair would look limp with the wave pulled out). I airdry and that's it. once a week I clarify with neutrogena anti-residue shampoo, but that is the extent of my 'routine. i will also DT as needed in the shower with a shower cap for about 10 min or so...longer if i've the time. I had a couple of weeks "adjustment" period, where I had no idea how to handle product-free hair, I'd leave in too much conditioner, too much leave in, not enough, etc. but once I figured out what I liked, my hair responded BIG TIME. I have never, EVER been happier with my hair (even the grays ) I have no frizz. looking back, i think the products and combination of products were mostly responsible for my frizz. I don't think my waves EVER needed product, because they look soooo good without any! and so soft & shiny. Everyone who knows me has noticed a change in my hair and commented positively, saying how swing-y & healthy it looks, rather than clumpy & product-y. To best way to describe the "transition" from product use to product-free is like how CGers explain CG, it takes time and experimentation to get the best "fit". You can't expect to go product free for one week and look fabulous whan you have been using products for's almost like you have to learn how to treat your hair all over again. Personally, the longer I went without product, the better my hair looked, week after week. The frizz was bad when I first started. this almot deterred me, until I started getting all philosophical about my hair and figured, I was born without styling products, as a child my hair was gorgeous with no styling products, I am never satisfied with my hair no matter how many or what types pf products I use, my hair is never consistent with products, I hate how products look & feel in my hair, so let's just stick this out & do a real "detox" and see what I'm left with. Had a few bad weeks!
I am so glad I did. I really love my hair. I am 100% happy with my hair now. I have 2nd day hair, even 3rd day hair sometimes. Sure, i till have an "off" day, but let me tell you, my "off" days now are 100% better than my regular days when I was fumbling with various styling products. If I had a product that made my hair look & feel better than it does now, I would use it. but that product does not exist. my hair is my hair, products will not change that for the better (MY hair...not presuming to speak for any other wavys). i hear some people saying how they don't know what they would do without their products. I never want to feel that way about anything (except maybe my family & friends) I refuse to throw good money away on hair stuff that i never use or doesn't work & ends up under my sink. I still love to experiment with really good shampoos & conditioners (old junkies die hard ) but there are 6 bottles in my bathroom now, 4 are mine. ahhhh, freedom :dance:dance.gif . I realize may people cannot have natural hair, there are many waves & curls that truly look better with some gel to define them & smooth them. My hair doesn't need that. i'm lucky that way, because chasing hair products was getting exhausting! I'm sure this is more information than you were looking for, so if you got this far, have a cup of coffee & a cookie, you deserve it!

"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"

east coast waves--I love reading your posts. Your last line cracked me up because I am drinking coffee as I read it I feel I am on the verge of a simple routine for my hair--I hate the producty feel, I hate layering products, I will not put products in my hair that have a warning to stay away from heat and flame!? I love to cook and love a roaring fire in the fireplace---so forget that! My oldest son said one day he will look into his college account and see an i.o.u. in there (meaning all our money went into my hair products....ack! What a dreadful thought). There is a lot of stress with products and will this work, will that work....once you find a "routine" it is the next season and all bets are off--now all that time and money is down the drain because the seasons have changed--Good grief. So I am almost to hair nirvana (hair nirvana to me is having more good days than bad hair days) Here's to SIMPLE LIFE (cheers with my coffee cup)
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL

Thanks for the information! I always love your posts, cause that it how I would like to be with my hair. I was just starting to think about perhaps I should try some gel to layer over my Boots for some extra hold, but then I realized... I don't want to start layering products! Right now, I only use Boots, and I want to keep it that way. It is really moisturizing and works sort of like a leave in with some hold! In the past couple months, my hair that seems unrully at times, has now started to soften into nice waves. I still struggle with the canopy, but it is looking nicer. I have realized, I'm not a true curly (even though I had ringlets when I was a baby) but am turning more and more into a true wavy (which I love!). I just started using Devacurl One Condition (thanks miacurl for the sample!), and am gonna be sticking with that for a while. I am also always on a search for a good shampoo and conditioner, and I have realized that a gentle shampoo is probably all I need, even though a reg. sulfate shampoo can't every once in a while. My hair doesn't like too many oils, so I gotta keep those to a minimum.

After those bad first couple weeks you talked about, what was the turning point for your hair to become the frizz-free, swingy (I love that wording! that's what I want!) hair that you have now? I am always inspired by your thoughts on hair and your healthy outlook on it. Thanks for your help!
2c with some 3a thrown in for fun!
CaliforniaWaves wrote
After those bad first couple weeks you talked about, what was the turning point for your hair to become the frizz-free, swingy (I love that wording! that's what I want!) hair that you have now? I am always inspired by your thoughts on hair and your healthy outlook on it. Thanks for your help!
My own turning point was truly detoxing my hair. By that I mean, clarifying your hair once with an ACV rinse or clarifying shampoo, will not remove all of the built up residue on your hair. It will lift some, but as long as there is any build up at all, there is frizz. (for me, anyway). I was not interested in rapidly detoxing by clarifying too frequentlly, as that would have stipped my hair's oils far too much. so by avoiding silicones & heavy polymers and clarifying once a week, slowly my hair was refreshed & rid of all of the built up, stuck-in residue. THAT is when my hair began to shine & "swing". once I realized that i had a tendency to overcondition , (THAT caused UNBELIEVABLE frizz) I adjusted the type of conditioner I used and how long I left it on. That made a big difference, the conditioning ammount. I think lots of frizzy hair is caused by overconditioning, ans lack of definition too. people (including me) misinterperet what their hair is saying to them. Fact is, the less you use and the simpler your routine, the easier it is to figure out where you went wrong. you are reducing the variables. if you have build up (which cannot be removed in one attempt) the moisturizing ingredients in your conditioner will never make it to your hair. pointless. if you have build up, frizz. if you overcondition, frizz. if you process your hair, potential frizz, heat styling, potential frizz. you need to figure out which one, or combination is the culprit. that said, some people have a natural tendency to frizz, especially in climate changes. oh well. that's just hair!

"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"

Thanks! This is so helpful! I have stressed and worried about my hair for years - and I am hopeful that one day I can get to where you are eastcoastwaves. The more I look at my hair, the more I realize that all the stressing I do over my curls is silly. It really has turned from more curly into a 2b since I have been taking better care of it - and I am starting to love it (except for that canopy frizz)! Thanks again - let's keep this wavy thread going! I love hearing everyone's comments and ideas.
2c with some 3a thrown in for fun!
The more I look at my hair, the more I realize that all the stressing I do over my curls is silly. It really has turned from more curly into a 2b since I have been taking better care of it - and I am starting to love it
Good for you. Acceptance is the first step. If more people would accept what their hair IS and stop dumping tons of money on stuff to change what is, the happier a lot of people would be. An example, say you have 2b-ish hair, but when you put certain ammounts of certain products in in a certain way & scrunch, flip, diffuse, spritz & coax enough, your hair can LOOK like it is 3a-ish. The results may turn out great once, but given different variables like weather, or product application, you hair can look like a real mess. Nw you are confused at upset. Then you start stressing over how to make your hair look like it did last time, experimenting with so many things under so many conditions it's hard to tell exactly what is working and what is compounding the problem. In the end, your hair is STILL 2b. What's the stress & fuss over? There are far greater things to concern oneself with in this world (no offence ). Point being, if the person would accept their hair type then work to keep it healthy and use a product designed to enhance, and not try to transform their hair, they would have many happy hair days. Another problem is the misinterpretation of the word "enhance", and confusing it with "transform", which is actually what a lot of people (me included in the past) try to do. The dictionary definition of enhance is
To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment
. The dictionary definition of transform is
To change the nature, function, or condition of; convert. See Synonyms at convert
. To enhance or transform. I'm thinking enhance would work out better, as to truly change your hair, you'd need to either chemically curl or relax it, or change it's structure with heat to see any consistant results, I don't think product layering is the answer to "transforming" your hair. Enhancement, IMO, should not involve an army of products and ridiculously convaluted styling techniques. Like makeup, more is not better. I bet lots of people could have gorgeous hair with much less effort & product & fretting if they'd truly look at what type of hairs they have and figure out how to get it into prime condition. (yes I said HAIRS. show me a wavy with uniform waves all over their head. probably all of us are a mix of types, so it doesn't make much sense to expect all of your hair to behave the same way.) people gripe about their canopy (me included!) well on a lot of people, the canopy acts or looks different because it IS different! you can't expect all of your waves to be identical all over your head, they just aren't. so one product may work great to enhance temple curls or underneath curls, but if your canopy or sides are not as curly, that product probably won't do diddly, or may exaccerbate your problem. The more you let your hair do it's own thing & stop fighting nature and use products appropriate for your hairs, the better your hair will look. My canopy frizz went away due to my removing all the old build up and treating my hair much better than I used to, and improving my diet (new hair growth is healthier if you are better nourished) and stopped trying to smooth or curl it with products. I wish you all the best in accepting how your hair is, and listening to it to figure out what it needs to become the healthiest hair possible. Just like glowing, healthy skin that is nourished from within by a balanced diet & regular exercise needs minimal enhancement from makeup & cosmetics, hair in good condition that is free of buid up and chemical or heat damage & is cut into a flattering style that shows of it's best features, needs minimal product & styling (if any) to look it's absolute best.
I hope you find what works for you and that you are able to let go of your hair stress. and remember, bad hair days are just when your hair isn't doing what YOU want it to, they are more the rule than the exception. Pretty hairsticks and combs and ties were MADE for these days!

"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got"

I have enjoyed this thread because I suffer from the same problems. Got the Ouidad cut in No. VA and was disappointed, got another cut to work with curl and was unhappy with the style. This was like a slightly layered bob, with layers mostly at the bottom, and just long enough to pull back in a ponytail if I wanted. The problem with this cut was that even though it definitely improved curl, the canopy was heavy and kept drooping into my face. These days I rarely wear my hair just down, it just looks too unformed and sloppy. I sometimes wear a skinny headband, after first slightly backcombing the back of the crown because the back of my head is flat. With the headband I get it off my face, yet the waves and curls are free. I also use texturizer to give me control for updos, like a loose bun or French twist. With winter here my hair will be straighter than it is during the humid spring/summer, and that means more styling time for me.
2a/2b. Searching for perfect cut to release my inner curl. Currently neck length w/ long layers. Use RC color, Vive poos & conditioners (sometimes Terax Crema), ISO Bouncy Curl, JessiCurl, Frizz-Ease Lite, & quasi-plopping.
my hair is wavy with curls underneath and when it dries naturally the top layer becomes frizzy and straight. when i diffuse it i end up using too much product and it looks crunchy and stringy. so what i found that works the best is to air dry and blowdry with my fingers if i am running out of time. i always use a leave in conditionner first. then i use a curling iron to stop the friz on the top layer. the trick is to wrap the hair AROUND the barrel without opening up the clamp. i literally only need to do about 5 of these around my head and it takes about 5mins total. then i finish with some spary. the results is very touchable waves that are mostly my own. i
I'm 2b , blond highlights, collarbone length, long layers
2A/2B, fine, normal porosity

Growing out a pixie as of November 2013

Shampoo: Elucence MBS & Renpure Originals Argan Oil
Conditioner: Elucence MBC & Renpure Originals Argan Oil
Leave-in: CJ BeautiCurls
Stylers: BA gel & AG Re:coil

Product Junkie that keeps falling off the wagon!
My hair is recovering from years of hairspray, blowdrying straight, hair dye, and no conditioner EVER, that being said...

I have at least figured out that I definitely need conditioner. A heavy one in the shower and a light one or just boots as a leave in. I use too shea in the shower and either aloeba or boots when I get out. I always have good results if I put the product in wet, very wet but not dripping hair. Upside down, tap and scrunch gently in to not disturb my hair pattern. I put on boots then got2be spiked up gel lately. But that changes since I'm a product junkie.
Then I flip back over, smooth product on the top, arrange my growing out bangs so they're curling back and out of my face, then clip my hair at the roots at the top for height. But only for an hour or so because it makes funny dents in my hairs.
Since I can't figure out plopping correctly I airdry sitting on the couch with my hair sitting on the top of the back of the couch to keep the weight from pulling my curls and waves out. I airdry until I just can't stand it anymore. An hour or two and then I diffuse without disturning the curls I like and I arrange the ones that look odd. Then I scrunch gently to loosen up the hair clumps and try not to wish I had tons of volume or that it was already grown out and virgin hair (sigh)

Generally this give me the best hair I can expect while it's repairing and growing. It's twistier every day. Oh and I DT once a week with too shea and about once a month I do a protein treatment.
I confess that although I usually use Jessicurl HCC and CO wash, I also use clarifying shampoo about once a week or so as needed.

My hair is wavy and fine, medium thickness I think? Curly under the canopy. My canopy is curlier if I don't overdo the gel on top but of course I want it to stay in place so I always overdo it. I'm working on that little flaw.

Great thread!

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