Help with GF Soft Curl Cream, please!

I've read that many people like it, but my experience with it was terrible. I put it on my hair while it was dry, like they recommend in their style videos, but it was a sticky mess and my coated hand just proceeded to stick to the rest of my hair and make a giant mess.

I was about to throw my tub away when I saw that so many people here like it. What methods are you finding give you the best success?
I don't have the Soft Curl cream, but I do have the curl-and-shine leave in. But at least for me, I don't add ANY products to dry hair, regardless of how they say to use it. Other than maybe a slight spritz of spray gel, anything I put in my dry hair turns into a gloppy, sticky, mess.

I pretty much always apply my products in this order, on soaking wet hair: leave-in conditioner (if used), curl enhancer, gel or stong hold creme.

I'd suggest trying it on wet or damp hair, maybe with a gel over it to help hold the curl?
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I haven't had a ton of success with this product; I need to give it a few more tries, though. Still, I would recommend trying it on soaking wet hair. Putting product on soaking wet hair is probably the most helpful lesson I've learned from! I've tried applying this on dry hair, too, and when I used a teeeeeeny bit I had good results, but if I used just a little too much, my hair was sticky and gross!
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Putting product on soaking wet hair is probably the most helpful lesson I've learned from!
Originally Posted by curlyincollege
I agree! Since reading about that here (as a 2-year lurker), that's what I've been doing with all my other products, but the consistency of this one is so weird, I was afraid to try it. I've been doing that with the GF C&S and it's worked very well.

Thank you both for the info; I'll give it another try this weekend!
Honestly keep working with it, because this has been the best product i have ever tried. I use about a nickel size for one side of my hair. I use it on my hair soaking wet. You have to rub in through your hands until it turns white and then just work it in all over evenly (I use Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel before I use this) This is the only product I've tried that has given me soft (not crunchy) curls and holds throughout the day. My boyfriend actually said " oh you didn't put any of that "stuff" in your hair today" when I first used it. So yeah I would definitely recommend you keep trying.
I have to dampen my hands and rub them together until it turns white. then apply to my hair. I have used it on soaking wet hair and to fix some stray hair after it has dried.

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