Droooooopy Waves

Hello all, I haven't been on in a long time. But lately, I have droopy, dry waves. I just look messy. I am in an incredibly dry climate and the sun and sweat are horrible. So the answer seems clear - a deep conditioning treatment! HOWEVER, I am walking a fine line between the fact that the waves are dry and the fact that they're hardly waves at all. A lot of times, a deep conditioner just weighs them down. SO, I'm wondering if anyone uses a cream styler that also enhances curl. How about re:coil? I don't think I've heard of any wavies talking about that one. HELP!

Fotki: curlymeg

Nature's Gate Awapuhi Volumizing Conditioner
Graham Webb Making Waves gel
jojoba or coconut oil as a DT

Hair is pretty great now that it's colder, now I'm focusing on my skin. Sniffle.
Have you tried an oil treatment? Something lighter like Johaba? That should help with the dryness and not weigh you down. Also if you use a light condotioner as a leave in - even a spray conditioner - should help.

Good luck!
SO, I'm wondering if anyone uses a cream styler that also enhances curl. How about re:coil? I don't think I've heard of any wavies talking about that one. HELP!
Originally Posted by Megnificent
Meg, re:coil is VERY popular among wavies here, from what I've read. It's a HG for lots of us, it seems. I've been dying to try it but it's not in my budget right now. Wavies seem to love re:coil with Curlkeeper.

I'm new to this, but so far, LOOB is the best curl-enhancing product I've tried. The other good one is the Suave Professional curl cream (green tube), but it has a cone in it.
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Washing COs: VO5 Blackberry, Suave Cherry
Detangle and leave-in: Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm -- I found my HG CO!
Seal with camellia oil
Leave-in: Aura cherry almond
Gels: Homemade FSG, Eco-styler
Plus: SOTC or smooth with camellia oil, JC Nourish & Shine
Homemade food-based DTs
RC color
Have you tried ABBA Weightless gel? It's amasingly curl enhancing all on its own and has lots of hold and really is "weightless" and light so it won't drag your hair down. It dries super crunchy but it's totally worth it once you scrunch out the crunch.

Here's an example of what it did on my wavy hair:
pre-and post- scrunch comparison:

I've also been getting good results with Alagio Crazy Curl Balm + BRHG (just click the links so I don't eat the whole page up with big ol' pictures):




and Joico Joiwhip:


Last night I tried the Joiwhip + a tiny bit of BRHG for shine and diffused a little bit and my curls were still there this morning!! Amazing!

I have a bunch more product experiment pictures and info in my Fotki if you're interested. Haven't gotten the latest ones from this week up yet but I've been test driving various things (conditioners and stylers) for a few weeks. I'm also getting some new stuff in the mail soon so I'll be trying that stuff and posting it there too.
I have some Re:Coil but haven't gotten much experimenting in with that yet. Soon though.
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