Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control??

Hey all! Just wondering if any of you guys have tried this product. I have read that it is pretty good It costs 20 bucks so I'm hesitant about buying it.... any thoughts? I have fine, chin length hair... I think it is 2A... There are soft spirals on the left side, and crazy waves on the right, so I never know what to think. Can never find anything that pleases it. Any thoughts on this product??
2 cocktail!

currently using: LUSH seanik solid poo, LUSH veganese condish, NG aloe (sometimes), no styling products - I am way too fed up, and my hair looks fine without them so far...
Yep, I like it...but it is a tad heavy for my hair (2b or 2cmiii) I only use the tiniest of amounts, and it seems to flatten my hair a bit, so I really only use it if things are seriously frizzing up because I seem to have to sacrifice curl to use it. I think it may be better for curlier/less fine hair than mine.
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