Anyone interested in sharing how they have their hair cut. Mine is way too long right now and dragged out and I'm looking for something shorter, about shoulder length. It's so hard to find a good hair cut. :x
Irish/Scottish descent with fine medium length 2 something hair

I am weary and I a stranger
Lead me to the land of angels.
Be my eyes in time of darkness,
Be my wings till I find my home.
~Carmina Gadelica
Traditional Gaelic Chant

I like number 6. I had my hair cut similar to that and really liked it. Super easy!

I am growing out my hair right now so it is about BSL with layers.
my stylist does random layers all through it and just a very light amount of side-swept bangs and I love it! no triangle head, and it looks great between brushing-shoulder and a few inches below the shoulder, which is how long I've had it.
I am getting ready to get a graduated bob (which I had a couple of years ago) and I love it. I have super thick 2c hair that tends to poof when its shorter but I keep the front below my chin. In my opinion, with my hair type I just can not carry off any cool edgy hairstyles but this is the closest I can get to one. I think it has a cute, girl, sexy look to it. Right now mine is layered past my shoulders. I can't wait till Monday
Also for an added note, my hair is heavy so my waves tend to curl up more when length is cut. So when my hair is shorter, wearing it curly is good (straight with it shorter looks awful on me) And since I am trying to forever embrace my waves and curls, I am getting my favorite haircut that enhances them.

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