wavy starting CG and this is stressing me out

I am new here so please forgive me if i have any silly or repeated questions. I bought CG book and decided to go CG. I bought a sulphate free shampoo and a conditioner (that listed all the ingredients needed in the book) at the health food store yesterday. I have a clear alcohol free gel. Last night, I clarified with fresh lemon and conditioner all over, then washed mainly my roots with the sulphate free shampoo, used the conditioner and then rinsed and did the conditioner again. My hair looks great by the way. But as I read more today I started reading about more sillicones, particularly one called cyclopolixane (or something like that) then I looked at my new conditioner bottle (that wasn't that cheap) and it has that in it. So now I am already getting stressed and discouraged, I hate to run out and spend more money on stuff and get the wrong things. Is it ok to use that conditioner as long as I clarify once a week? I was planning to use the sulphate free shampoo on scalp only) at least once or twice a week since I am more of a wavy. should I try the baking soda all over my hair if it causes buildup? should I ditch that conditioner? The conditioner is by Jason and is natural sea kelp conditioner.
My husband has one in the shower that has no sillicones (Sauve Naturals Aloe Vera & Water Lily) that I thought I could try but that one does not list all of the other ingredints that Lorraine says you have to have in it.
Sorry if this is confusing. I don't want to give up before I really get started!
I suggest that you and your husband switch conditioners ASAP. Unfortunately cyclopentasiloxane is THE hardest silicone to get rid of, and you're going to need sulfates to do it. What you have to do now is to wash your hair at least once with a sulfate shampoo to clarify, and then use a conditioner without -xanes. Many on this board use Suave Naturals for co-wash and they seem good (I'm in Europe so I wouldn't know). If you're going for a modified CG routine you might be able to use some lighter silicones like amodimethicone, but not cyclopentasiloxane.

Sorry to bring bad news...
2c-3a/m/ii (FIA), CG since June 1st, 2007!
Love Jessicurl and KCCC might be my HG.

Thanks...I guess it is better to find out now (since I just started yesterday) than wait and wonder why my hair had buildup! I just hope I get it right this time

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