Anyone get more curls when they cut hair?

I was just wondering if anyone elses curls and waves spring up more when they get their hair cut. I am seeing a lot of people saying its less curly the shorter it is. I was just curious if anyone else is like me. I have very thick heavy hair so I think with less weight that is why it curls better. I am getting my a little past the shoulders layered hair cut into a graduated bob next week (that I had before and loved) mainly because when I try to go with my natural waves, it looks better a little shorter like that.
Anyone else out there like me?
My hair is BSL right now, and while I like the length, I'm trying to decide if I should cut it a little shorter. I have a lot of trouble with the underlayer of my hair being almost completely straight once it's dry right now.

Usually when my hair is this long, I wear it straight, and when I've worn it curly/wavy in the past it was above my shoulders.

How much wave/curl do you have in your hair?
Life with Lydia

I think I am a 2c. Sometimes I can get some curls. the under areas (which are probably healthier) are spiral waves. I am hoping to get the top like that with CG. (I am just starting) Over all it looks real wavy/curly but then when I look closely they are more lazy s's. (I think I just want to be curly so bad that in my head I think of it as curly, but its more wavy) But there is no straightness in it anywhere. ALso about a year and a half ago I permanently straightened it myself at home and I am still getting these waves. So I think when I get it cut, it will cut a lot of that off and I am hoping and praying it will spring up more with that damaged stuff cut off and with the weight off. At least in the past thats how its always been...looks curlier the shorter it is. ANd when I wear it long, I always dried it and used hot rollers for a smooth look. But am trying oh so hard to stop doing that and damaging it.
I was trying to find pics online of hair like mine and the girl on the cover of the Curl Talk books hair is similar to mine (on a good day) I consider hers wavy. On a bad day, mine is more relaxed than that and frizzy.
Yeah, parts of mine look like that (not underneath), but it easily starts to relax and get a layer of frizz on top.

I know what you mean about wishing your hair was curlier. I've also wished mine was either straight or curly instead of in-between. But I've never really known how to care for waves until I heard of the CG method, so I'm hoping that with some fine-tuning, I'll be a lot happier with my hair.
Life with Lydia

I agree. I am ready to embrace my hair for what it is. I always felt it was a curse to be stuck in between. I am going to give my hair some extra TLC and love it for what it is. (hopefully)
My hair gets curlier when its shorter. But it doesn't curl evenly and it just looks messy and awful, so I have to straighten it anyway.

I need to let it grow out a bit to get some control over it.
Well, my hair cut is in 2 1/2 I am getting excited. I just hope i am happy with it, but if not, its not a big deal, I am not cutting it as short as I have in the past.
2c thick, heavy waves. Started CG (lo poo) in July '07. before that I straightened it and used hot rollers for years. pw wavy
Your hair sounds a lot like mine when I first started CG. I also have very thick hair that gets heavy and starts to weight down the curl when it gets longer. I have seen a dramatic difference since I started CG. I have more curls with the passing time. I think your idea to get it cut may help with the curls, BUT I also believe the longer you are on CG the more curls you will see. I know you would love to see more curl but hang in there it is worth it.
2c/3a very thick!!


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I got my cut (without layers...big mistake) so I called this morning and am going back Saturday to get layers added. The curl did not spring up like it had in the past. I am a wavy but in the past I had real curls with shorter hair. Then today I started CG all over and bought all protein free stuff cuz I am thinking my gel was messing me up. Well, I have ropey waves and spirals underneath now but the top is still not as wavy as Id hoped with the cut. Hopefully with the layers added and time doing CG all will get better.
2c thick, heavy waves. Started CG (lo poo) in July '07. before that I straightened it and used hot rollers for years. pw wavy
I'm a mix between 2-3A. When I get a cut (with layers only) my hair springs up & gets curlier. Though as the weeks wear on, it gets wimpier.

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