What's your daily/weekly routine?

What products do you use and what's your routine? I'm hoping to find one that would work with my wavy hair.
Lovely, I use the B&A method and all three of their products. I have the best hair I've ever had. My curl is better, and my frizz is down probably 90%!! LOVE IT!! View this thread here for the details:

I will second the B&A Method! I just recently read the above thread, and tried the method, just amazed that this works w/ the brushing and all.

I just use Trader Joe's Spa Nourish s&c to do this followed by Durahold gel. Haven't even tried it w/ their products yet.
I still feel new to this (trying to work with my natural curl and CG) but....this is what I'm doing now.

Once a week, shampoo with Mop Top Clarifying.
Every other day, condition with Mop Top Daily Conditioner (fully rinse).
While hair is still dripping wet, apply pea sized Re:Coil (often mixed with pea sized amount of conditioner for best results).
Then gel (Mop Top or Angell) or mousse (Joiwhip).
Scrunch with microfiber towel then plop for about 10-15 minutes.

On days I don't wash/condition, I generously spritz with Mop Refresher. Will probably switch to spritzing with a water/conditioner mix when I run out of the refresher.

I want to start using oils more.

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