curl junkie hibiscus-banana leave in?

I am being seduced by this right now, along with others in the CJ line.... any comments?? good, bad, ugly?
2 cocktail!

currently using: LUSH seanik solid poo, LUSH veganese condish, NG aloe (sometimes), no styling products - I am way too fed up, and my hair looks fine without them so far...
I was seduced by Curl Junkie Coco-Milk Conditioner and wouldn't purchase it again. Not a good detangler and not enough slip for me. I'm a 2/b with some 3a and need a good moisturizing condition to keep the frizzes at bay. It's light, smells good and would prob work on a rotation if I had another conditioner I really liked. HTH. Let us know if you get it and if you like it.
I've never used the leave-in, but the banana and (I think) honey butter DT is awesome!
2c who can't seem to find enough moisture! Trying to figure this out once and for all 7 years after going CG!

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