UGGHHH I'm so gonna shave my head! Help, lol!

Omg! Okay I'm a new curly girl and I just got the devacurl line. I know it's a great line and it would work wonders if I did it right I'm sure, but ugh...

I'm pretty sure I have 2b hair/3a curls, its fine and wavy, it'll curl quite quite a bit when I'm having a good day, lol. It's short, medium-texture, the longest layer is at the base of my neck.

Here is a couple pics, don't laugh, I'm all wide-eyed for some damn reason, lol...

Here is what it looks like when it's longer...

Ignore the ugliness, lol.

There I'm actually having a decent hair day. These were taken before I've decided to really care an embrace my curls.

My routine as it's been for a couple of days, since I got the deva sample(travel bottles) is to no poo, one condition, angell and set free and i don't dry, and I scrunch. I have a hard time with the scrunch even cause my hair isn't long enough to do the cool scrunch and flip, lol. So the volume is not really there. Also, I have a hard time not touching my hair while it dries...I'm afraid it'll dry flat, and w/o continued scrunching won't bounce up, since when its wet, its more lose wave, kinda straight in places. it seems to need prompting to get the s curl/tighter wave type curls.

So, when it dries (I let it air dry) its frizzy, especially the sides because it's so fine there. Most of the time it depends on luck whether I'm having on non-frizzy good curl day, lol.

Today I got the devacurl regular size bottles, and I got be leavin and angell which i didn't get in the travel pack, so today I put the be leavin in after the no poo and one condition.

Should I not wash it maybe? And if I don't won't the gel and stuff build up and cause the hair to be kinda gross? I'd get it wet at least, right?

Basically, all I want is nice, lusterious, soft, defined curls damn it, lol!

Is that to much to ask?!

Thanks for listening and any tips would be greatly appreciated![/img]
Hey! I think your hair looks cute longer or shorter, but shorter, fine waves are definitly harder to deal with.

With your routine, you don't need to use the no 'poo everyday. More like once or twice a week, or even less depending on what your hair feels like. The Deva products don't have any ingredients that will really cause much build up on your hair, so don't worry too much about that. even though it's hard, it IS important not to touch your hair while it's drying lol! That will cause it to be frizzy and lose it's shape. As for the styling, make sure you are using as little product as possible. If you're using too much, it will weigh your hair down a lot, and make it feel all "producty". To get more volume, it helps to rinse your condish out upside down, then scrunch the water out while you're upside down or "plop". (if you don't know what that is, go to and look at videos. she calls it plopping or something close to that...) When you apply your products, it's best to scrunch them in rather than rake them through your hair. I would suggest putting some leave in condish mixed w/gel in your hair while it's still soaking wet (not dry at all, no water squeezed out), then comb and plop or scrunch the water out. Then scrunch in a little more leave in or gel, depending on how much control your hair needs. Diffusing your hair dry will also give you more volume, and you should do that with your head upside down.

I hope some of that helped!! Curls/waves can be frustrating, but it looks like your hair has a lot of potential, so keep trying!
Thank you that did help! Except now I've noticed the deva products are drying out my hair, lol. 3 days was great, now tonight I'm all "EW"!


*sends the back* that will teach me to get so excited abvout a product to early!
Darciemarie, your hair is so cute! I wish I had been CG when mine was that short. Here's an idea. Have you tried Aloe yet? Search around for some that doesn't have anything but aloe in it (that can be hard) and it will work like a light gel. I LOVE how soft my hair is afterward. HTH!!
Thanks so much for the suggestions, I will definately give them a try! HUGS!

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